Violated will heal Grege

September 28, 2014

If you have ever been violated sexually, this can afford a feeling of emptiness,loss,self blame and not wanting to go on.

I assure you that when we encounter these experiences we must be reminded that the perp is the lost soul, is the one who lives w/o, is the one who is empty and will face their maker one day.

Those that do these things leave a blue print on the cycle of life that will ever be a violation to the human spirit.
God fearing,spiritual beings will bond to remove such individuals. It is the harshest crime to man or woman.

Think before you put yourself in an unhealthy situation for the body and mind is your most valued asset. Think before you do anything that a person said, “NO”, to. Cherish your body, mind, spirit and leave the blame with the violator. You heal.

We heal thru our experiences and speaking out.

Love Grege

Be Sexy Always Grege

September 22, 2013

To all who are happy…Be sexy.
To all who wear make up…or don’t … Be sexy.
To all who create…Be sexy.
Be open to your sexuality. Your ZEN… YOUR GOD…YOUR UNIVERSE.
Be you!.
Be Empowered.
Be. JUST BE!!!!!!!!! SEXY…it’s ok.
SEX is by nature and is natural.

Never LET anyone or anything ever make you feel less than you are!
See the power within yourself and mirror those as an example of who and what you are.

Love your self!

Have sex. Have safe sex.
Have sex with one person you love and hopefully you can learn with them. If not remember the lesson may or may not be that good.
Sex and business is another topic.


Grege Be Happy

May 17, 2013


Social Media Expert.
Global Brand Advisor
Celebrity Global Host and Model.

Beauty Expert Grege

February 13, 2013

Age is not how old you are or what makes you. Feeling young is what makes you act your desired age. The make up we apply aids this and the health and wellness of lifestyle is what will ensure all your successes going forward.
Beauty tip. Oily skin is in.. GLow to show your vibrance.
Love GregeBeauty

No more pain… Grege

January 9, 2013

In Life as we grow we realize a person can be no good for us. They may have well intentions, dreams or even throw in a few good times. Some may marry, date, befriend. In short we have to do the love test and ask is this serving the greater good of me and our collective consciousness? Is this healthy for my life, my child, my world…our world?

The answer will be know. Follow your spirit and God Voice.

Time reveals all and God carries the soul through the transition. God is all and supreme spirit is God.

Words are words. Your spirit will guide you but be sure you accept the truth as I have learned in time.

Live the light you are  Love Grege

I had a huge spiritual door open. I did Dr. Mclaughlin’s makeup as she needed my calm, serene and yet crazy way, right before her debut to be on the TV SHOW.. The Braxton Family Values. We spoke of how she healed my dear old friend Vincent Herbert and the impact that had after the loss of my buddy Heavy Dee. I was ever so grateful for her. I did my magic and did her face w/ Bobbi’s beautiful shades and productsllllll Now…I will use my energy to motivate and the world of women. LIve, LOve , and Laugh as you look at your inner beauty.

Grege, friend of Bobbi Brown has decided being great, in great company w/ great intentions is part of the equation to her successes and the keys to all one desires. So she continues to motivate, love and be. Her new successes are Dr. McLaughlin and Angela Hunte. In distress both needed their makeup done,spiritual guidance and tips of the trade from Grege. The end result was an instant success and right to TV and Cameras. Dr. McLaughlin can be seen on Braxton Family Values. So, if TV, power or helaing and success is what you want… get to the girl who knows. Grege
Motivational Speaker, life coaching for stardom and business enhancement.

MY Voice Grege

February 13, 2012

My voice says it is time to speak about my truth. I have always been special, now I am being called to be a role model. To share wisdom w/ those who yearn the answers. I will teach beauty w/i  and w/o to all. I will show how it is in all we do  and can be used  infinitely. I will teach how to trust in self and communicate w/ all there is. I will teach how to be happy all the time and heal all your concerns.  Willing, seeing, being and walking the walk as a way of life. Be more and challenge your self. Believe in more and know you make a difference. It does matter, we all matter…but first we alll have to see the movement and collectively get positive. I am Grege


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