Be the music.
Be the model.
Be the producer.
Be more, and more, and more…
Be happy.
Be prosperous.
Be the person you are.
Be in love!
Be more than love!
Be free to self express.
Be committed!
Be trustworthy.
Be honorable despite the stories others may tell.
Be secure in that you know the truth.
Be available in showing up to make a difference.
Be a friend.
Be more than a word, be the words.
Just Be.

Love Grege

Model 101 Make up Grege

December 16, 2014

Quick tip.
Nude make up.
Nude skin tone.
Nude clean and clear make up is always the best route.
Models are beauty and have the ability to show a product and be be the representation of that product.
Love the “brand” and be respected as the brand you work with.

Love Grege
Be proud of who you are…in the skin you are in!

I had a recent experience where a young lady needed my help. I offered guidance, support and coaching. I was able to shed light and open new possibilities to one that had never experienced life as we all come to find comfort in.  I want to offer love and support to all those I touch and be there to lend a helping hand in times of greatest challenges and smiles. We must NOT “game” one another in the likeness of aid. We must be thankful for each and every one of our moments together. We must be thankful for life and each breath we take. Learn and grow with and for our collective Entertainment and LIVES.



that those that can hear, will and those that can not, will hear if and when they are ready.


Love Grege


Celebrity Model,Host,Actress

Be Sexy Always Grege

September 22, 2013

To all who are happy…Be sexy.
To all who wear make up…or don’t … Be sexy.
To all who create…Be sexy.
Be open to your sexuality. Your ZEN… YOUR GOD…YOUR UNIVERSE.
Be you!.
Be Empowered.
Be. JUST BE!!!!!!!!! SEXY…it’s ok.
SEX is by nature and is natural.

Sexy and Single Grege

August 14, 2013

When you are empowered by the truth of a powerful man or woman.. realize that your personal power is all with in you.
The breaking down process is due to the lack of self empowerment “THEY” may have.
It is not our fault nor our responsibility to fret over what just will not be with another.

Love Grege
Sexy Spiritual Synergy

I have learned that to be creative is to be in touch. To be in touch with your talent is to be true to the art. Your creative juices flow. Trust that about yourself and know that there is always more where that came from.

Never LET anyone or anything ever make you feel less than you are!
See the power within yourself and mirror those as an example of who and what you are.

Love your self!

Music is our natural rhythm, it flows as universal language and law.
There is no human nor living being that does not know music.
Sound is in all we are. LIsten.
I am music.
You are music.
Make music more of your world and in there lies the keys of happiness.

As a rapper and music muse for over twenty years I can assure you that the beginning is here.
Listen to the rhythm of your soul. Listen to the bond between our life.
There is so much to hear and so much to know the answers lie with in never with out.

Rapper, Model,Actress,Host, Consultant Grege

Enquiring minds would like to know all the secrets to the trade. I will share one thing. Look closely at those around you.


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