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March 10, 2015

The awakening is so refreshing.

It may not be fare that it takes so long to learn it all but it is worth the lesson of time.

Mother nature, our universe takes care of us.

ask the question and then the answer comes!

love Grege(tm)


119 Prophecy Grege

March 7, 2015

My guide speaks today and she is clear. We all have to endure some pain and cleansing.
We all have to unite.
We all have to only draw to that which we know as truth.
We all must tell the truth.
We all have to change fast and see healing our planet as one.
We must stay away from those that covet for they will be revealed.
Watch closely who has a “last” run of fame.
Watch those who raped,  lied,  stole, coveted, used and abused and why and how they will not be regarded  and held in high regard for their behavior.
Watch the globe shift to happier times because we mentally and spiritually manifest this.
Watch healing, art, God natured- conscious people who share equally.
Watch those that hurt others go away and hide pretending to be elite but fear for their lives and are forced away as if banished.
Watch prejudice people and thoughts be faced with their own prejudice ways.
Watch corruption fall away.
Watch the heavens become the earth filled with peace, happiness,abundance and no pain and suffering.
Watch world peace when “they” come to ensure it and give us one last chance to change.
I was struck by lightening and escaped death a few times. I know my walk. I know my call. I know its my calling to speak to the people and be ok with my mission.
I love God. I am listening to my spirit and how God speaks to and thru me. I have learned so very much.

Love Grege Maria Morris ( model


Social Media Expert.
Global Brand Advisor
Celebrity Global Host and Model, Endorse goods and services

role model)

Listen my little models to be. The more prepared you are, the more professional you will be. Being professional regardless of experience and age is very important to not only survive and but to succeed in the modelling industry. In an industry as competitive as modeling, these qualities are important and can determine how much work you get. Acting as a professional at all times and being prepared for any situation that may arise will ensure that you get noticed and get booked.
A model should always be prepared. Clients, photographers and stylists appreciate it when you are professional.
It is essential that you are contactable at all times. Keep your mobile phone with you always to receive calls and check your emails.
Always carry a street map with you and make sure to plan how you are going to get to where you need to be.
Always be on time. If you are running late, make sure to let the client know straight away.
When you walk into a room you should smile and greet people pleasantly and show enthusiasm. A great personality is far more important than just good looks.
Be patient. You will work long hours so make sure to bring along a book, a phone or games to keep you busy for when you are not needed on set.
Have a designated model bag for bookings, castings, shoots and shows. See below to find out what to keep in your Model Bag.

Model 101Runway… Grege

January 5, 2015

“Runway” is one of the facets of modeling.

When one walks the “catwalk” it is most important to create your style and practice your walk.

Walking w/ presence and poise, is key.

Walking with style and flair is your signature.

Shoulders back

Head up

One foot in front of the other.
Simple yet clear.

You essence and core ability will enable the clothes you wear to be seen and presented w/ poise.

Being able to walk a straight walk, with style, a walk with a rhythm, a walk with grace becomes  your “walk”, your signature!

Your walk is more than a walk your walk is your responsibility to your client.

Practice, Practice, Practice…

IAM  Grege,LLC The Grege Group

Model 101 Make up Grege

December 16, 2014

Quick tip.
Nude make up.
Nude skin tone.
Nude clean and clear make up is always the best route.
Models are beauty and have the ability to show a product and be be the representation of that product.
Love the “brand” and be respected as the brand you work with.

Love Grege
Be proud of who you are…in the skin you are in!

Model 101 Attraction Grege

December 4, 2014

Attraction of beauty and handsomeness is easy.
See this and so it shall be.
Think thin and thin is you.
Think thick and thick is you.
Think more and so it shall be.
Think positive for your brand, your product and so it is.

Be thankful and appreciate those that appreciate you.
God’s plan is law and the Universe responds to your core.
I love Jesus and I also love many beliefs.
All is really one!
Give freely of your heart and all will flow effortlessly to you.

Love and Light, Grege

Model 101 de puff eyes ...Grege

Laws of living talent …Grege

It is important to give from the heart!
Your intentions will create a deliverable.
Feel as you intend.
Be prayerfully correct!
Laugh to clean the spirit!
As a model,actress, and producer of life, to and with others. I see the manifestation of great things for us all.
Do not fall pray to unwanted foolishness.

Model 101 Thoughts Grege

October 18, 2014

Grege StarSearch SpokesModellBe more.
Be complete.
Exuded happiness no matter what!
The joy you are is the joy we see in your presentation.
Be the core!
Be the force!
Claim it!
If the photo is sexy, be it!
Corporate, be it!
Happy then Be it!!
Authentic!!!!! Be it!
When you pose,walk the cat walk, present a product you must be the part.
Let the lack of belief fall away… no p[lace in your life will it fit!


Model tip of the day.
How to de -puff those pretty little eyes after a late exam, tears,or the holiday hang outs.
Old school… Preparation H ( must be the greasy one); the anti inflammatory agent de- puffs the eye.

Place under the eye way beneath the eye’s lower lid. then rest 8-10 mins and wallahh!

Model 101 de puff eyes ...Grege

Model 101 eyes…Grege


that works well.
Love Grege, Your Role Model- Model!!!

Model 101 Natural Grege

October 1, 2014

Model 101 Natural Grege.


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