Acceptance Grege

February 4, 2015

Worlds apart. Be of the world you live in. Accept the world you love. Make up for all that you have done and left undone. It is life as we know it and we can change our path with our thoughts…
Just make it worth your time.


Model 101Runway… Grege

January 5, 2015

“Runway” is one of the facets of modeling.

When one walks the “catwalk” it is most important to create your style and practice your walk.

Walking w/ presence and poise, is key.

Walking with style and flair is your signature.

Shoulders back

Head up

One foot in front of the other.
Simple yet clear.

You essence and core ability will enable the clothes you wear to be seen and presented w/ poise.

Being able to walk a straight walk, with style, a walk with a rhythm, a walk with grace becomes  your “walk”, your signature!

Your walk is more than a walk your walk is your responsibility to your client.

Practice, Practice, Practice…

IAM  Grege,LLC The Grege Group

Be the music.
Be the model.
Be the producer.
Be more, and more, and more…
Be happy.
Be prosperous.
Be the person you are.
Be in love!
Be more than love!
Be free to self express.
Be committed!
Be trustworthy.
Be honorable despite the stories others may tell.
Be secure in that you know the truth.
Be available in showing up to make a difference.
Be a friend.
Be more than a word, be the words.
Just Be.

Love Grege

Model 101 de puff eyes ...Grege

Laws of living talent …Grege

It is important to give from the heart!
Your intentions will create a deliverable.
Feel as you intend.
Be prayerfully correct!
Laugh to clean the spirit!
As a model,actress, and producer of life, to and with others. I see the manifestation of great things for us all.
Do not fall pray to unwanted foolishness.

Model 101 Natural Grege

October 1, 2014

Model 101 Natural Grege.

To all the fab men out there.
Do It…

Love yourself and love your purpose.

God gave you a mission. Do it.
Be really happy and really honorable in your purpose.


Knowing that you make the right choices in all you do and can live with…is knowing God!

She Lives Grege

free Grege

August 30, 2013

HOw Can I give of my self?
How can I give of my talent?
How can I share my art?
How can I share my education?
How can I share my pain?
How can I share my lessons?
How can I share what others chose to hide?
How can I share?


Healing the way we think is a MUST!!!!!!!
If we don’t work as a unit, collective synergy then it will remain them vs. us. I as a separate entity. This is NOT so! We are all one and as we think is as we are. Think safety for us all it is more important than you think. Keep in m,ind those that do not have and suffer great loss. Pray for Joplin,Missouri and all others who have lost their lives, loved ones and will unless WE change. LOve GREGE

In less there is more, just another way.
Be more. Be giving. Be supportive. Be different in these different times.
You are well, You are blessed.
You are of right action only.
You are surrounded by the love in this group and the light I am given, through prayer, any and all negativity is gone…You are broken of your suffering, jealousy,pain, brokenness,insecurities,and selfish ways. Your are balanced. I see favor in your spirit and your life, thus offering support to me.. for giving this to you. God has answered my prayers in this for you.
When God chooses another you rejoice. When the Universe answers the call you answer the phone.
When the gift is
received , no man can take what God has appointed.
Grege IAM, I am favored and abundant in all I, receive do and touch with the wand of love.
So can you, my light and love and abundance will be Universal. My source Is Omnis+++++++++
Let’s be better to each other…from now on.
When one ministers, the love and abundance came from a place of divine source. That is to be recognized and appreciated. That is to be rejoiced. Be happy for another, it means you are happy for yourself.
God I see, Favor I see, Light I see…
SexySpiritualSynergyby Grege
I see GregeOmnis


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