Never mind.
Remember the one who lies is the one who will pay the price for the lies told.
Be just.
Be clear.
Be true to self.
Decide what your purpose is and who they serve and why and then be honest and do not lie.
There is a code to live by.
The Bible is a book of Laws. The Lord is law. No matter what your religious belief is there is a book or something to follow and learn.
Trust that there is one law in all the books of the land.
yin and yang=you reap what your sow=do unto others as you would have them do to you=Karma=opposites attract=many other beliefs and notions.
My advice and prophecy is to be better and do your best. Forget the naysayers and go forth. I live by the code of life… Be free.
God bless and Universe hears.
Love Grege Maria Morris

Eddie Murphy’s Gal… Grege

November 20, 2013

Most have secrets. I have none. Yes, we dated. Yes, we were in love. Yes, we have a huge amount of time we spent together and yes, I know the secrets. Grege and Eddie?… Eddie and Grege… how many years will this go on?

Let me tell my side. It will be great!.
Arsineo, Sly, Michael Jackson, Barber Walters… Come on Eddie lets tell the story of memory lane. Teaneck High School class and industry folks… Know you love me!!!!!!

Seeking one’s success is in the nature of their conscious behavior. When you are a star in your own right determined to share your creative value, be sure to see the results. See how you are attracting much of your success. See the vision and sell the vision. Know you are kind and deserving of all that you seek. Be sure to be conscious of your actions and those you touch.

In Loving Light Grege


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