Listen my little models to be. The more prepared you are, the more professional you will be. Being professional regardless of experience and age is very important to not only survive and but to succeed in the modelling industry. In an industry as competitive as modeling, these qualities are important and can determine how much work you get. Acting as a professional at all times and being prepared for any situation that may arise will ensure that you get noticed and get booked.
A model should always be prepared. Clients, photographers and stylists appreciate it when you are professional.
It is essential that you are contactable at all times. Keep your mobile phone with you always to receive calls and check your emails.
Always carry a street map with you and make sure to plan how you are going to get to where you need to be.
Always be on time. If you are running late, make sure to let the client know straight away.
When you walk into a room you should smile and greet people pleasantly and show enthusiasm. A great personality is far more important than just good looks.
Be patient. You will work long hours so make sure to bring along a book, a phone or games to keep you busy for when you are not needed on set.
Have a designated model bag for bookings, castings, shoots and shows. See below to find out what to keep in your Model Bag.

The fame game. Grege

September 29, 2013

Look at how you are a part of the whole process.
Keep close and in touch…we know what we are doing.

Be open and intend. The rest will follow.

Top makeup artist Grege

September 7, 2013

Beauty is my art.
Ethnic skin types as well as celebrity clientele. We specialize in bringing out the beauty in you.
My gift is in the spirit of giving and in the spirit of making a difference to women of abusive relationships, mentally ill and urban youth.
We aim to give of ourselves and all the beauty that has been learned from 1984 as a global professional model.

Funny how time repeats itself. I love you any way.


Step one be all that you are and laugh when they don’t fit in your realm. Awareness is only for the chosen few.

The Movement, I feel it! Do You?

The Movement, I feel it! Do You?

The Web… Contact Grege for Host and Model booking  further inquiries at

“save the trees” Grege

October 23, 2012

Mother earth needs our love. Be conscious and show you care. Make a difference by being a part of nature and keeping our earth clean and clear. Speak to a tree next time you see one…she is alive.
Love Grege

Beauty In The Bathroom Grege

February 28, 2012

Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle… Wiggle your wiggle your nose and and prevent your face from getting smile lines.

Laugh , Laugh, Laugh, out loud and love your self in the am. Blow a kiss and pucker your lips this will make those babies  fuller.

Just the beginning of The Grege Show!

I had a huge spiritual door open. I did Dr. Mclaughlin’s makeup as she needed my calm, serene and yet crazy way, right before her debut to be on the TV SHOW.. The Braxton Family Values. We spoke of how she healed my dear old friend Vincent Herbert and the impact that had after the loss of my buddy Heavy Dee. I was ever so grateful for her. I did my magic and did her face w/ Bobbi’s beautiful shades and productsllllll Now…I will use my energy to motivate and the world of women. LIve, LOve , and Laugh as you look at your inner beauty.

Be the light of your world Grege.


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