So, I did a makeover this week and shared another tip and trick from being a professional model.

The “puffy eyes” that my client had from radiation was rapidly removed by a combination of great products and the healing hands I believe I have now from the various testimonies that my clients share.

I sparingly used the facial cleanser “Crema Saponetta” from Borghese and then also used the eye pads they have called called, “Botanico”.

Once removed I added the Protectivo eye cream and Wahhhhlaaa!

Radiance and no more puff!

People always ask when I do private consultations what my professional opinion is. I use a miraid of tips and tricks and hope they help you as much as they ahve helped me.

Hugs Grege(tm)

119 Prophecy Grege

March 7, 2015

My guide speaks today and she is clear. We all have to endure some pain and cleansing.
We all have to unite.
We all have to only draw to that which we know as truth.
We all must tell the truth.
We all have to change fast and see healing our planet as one.
We must stay away from those that covet for they will be revealed.
Watch closely who has a “last” run of fame.
Watch those who raped,  lied,  stole, coveted, used and abused and why and how they will not be regarded  and held in high regard for their behavior.
Watch the globe shift to happier times because we mentally and spiritually manifest this.
Watch healing, art, God natured- conscious people who share equally.
Watch those that hurt others go away and hide pretending to be elite but fear for their lives and are forced away as if banished.
Watch prejudice people and thoughts be faced with their own prejudice ways.
Watch corruption fall away.
Watch the heavens become the earth filled with peace, happiness,abundance and no pain and suffering.
Watch world peace when “they” come to ensure it and give us one last chance to change.
I was struck by lightening and escaped death a few times. I know my walk. I know my call. I know its my calling to speak to the people and be ok with my mission.
I love God. I am listening to my spirit and how God speaks to and thru me. I have learned so very much.

Love Grege Maria Morris ( model


Social Media Expert.
Global Brand Advisor
Celebrity Global Host and Model, Endorse goods and services

role model)

Model 101 de puff eyes ...Grege

Laws of living talent …Grege

It is important to give from the heart!
Your intentions will create a deliverable.
Feel as you intend.
Be prayerfully correct!
Laugh to clean the spirit!
As a model,actress, and producer of life, to and with others. I see the manifestation of great things for us all.
Do not fall pray to unwanted foolishness.

Model 101 Gift Grege

September 29, 2014

To all my modelettes…
Send in your wish list for me to address. I will be selecting a young lady to receive a free consultation and Model life day with me.

Remember the notes and learn and grow.
Be beautiful and reciev the gifts that are for your ears and life…

Model 101 head shots by Grege

September 27, 2014



When taking a headshot it is important to prepare by doing your hair, makeup, and selecting the proper outfit. We often forget the very important fact that this picture will represent us and our introduction to the world. Put forth the effort and make your mark. Hair,Makeup,Attire,Photography and then proper guidance. Model services 9178643880

Model 101-Thoughts Grege

September 26, 2014



Be happy.
When modeling a product it is important to be happy!
You are what you project and no one can ever project what you do!

Be happy.
For Classes and Services Contact Grege

Time to love yourself.
The signs are in the healing.
Be assured you are always healing and growing.
Nurture your skin, hair and nails.
Love hard!
Be loved harder!
Spoil yourself.

xoxoxo Grege

Grege Arsineo Hall and StarSearch Prep

Grege The Model, Rapper and Coach!

Be Thankful Grege

November 30, 2013

I am thankful for everything.
The good the bad and the different.
Learn to be thankful in your journey so that the process flows in sync with your dreams.

Love Grege

Spiritual Advisor Grege

June 13, 2013

The truest test is the test you give to yourself! Grege


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