Lord Heals Grege

April 9, 2016

Just incase you don’t know,the Lord heals.

He brings prosperity and healing in ones life when all is repented and surrendered to our Lord Jesus Christ.

God is our merciful God and when we release all control we see the favor and we see God working miracles in our lives. Yes, bad things happen to good people but it will turn around once you give testimony. giving testimony will break you free of all demonic war waged against you and yours.  So, I eagerly encourage you to tap into the power of God and trust our Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins blessing us with life everlasting.

Get to know your Lord, have faith and heal.

Love Grege

Model 101 Host and Talent

November 18, 2014

When you are a model and talent you must be aware of your hard work and efforts.
Respect the product in which you work for and with.
Be the very best representation you can be at all times.
Be beautiful in and out!


Social Media Expert.
Global Brand Advisor
Celebrity Global Host and Model.

Women. Grege

May 22, 2014

When men need us to be at odds with each other. We should not.
When we need to be at odds with each other..we should not.
When you have a mission to be more than you believe you can. Just do it!
God is law.
Law is a part of Mother spirit!
Listen to your voice and all will flow.
The energy is infinite when it is given to those who hear.
flawless is your inner child. flawless is your cause.
Many may not be of this core value but they shall soon find each other to which they are drawing.
Be beauty in and out.

I Am Grege but trust I Am God working not talking.
Sexy Spiritual Synergy… Grege

To Women…Grege

April 1, 2014

Love is but a seed if valued without restraint, it is sure to come back evermore glorious than before.
We as women are life, we are the strength even to and for ourselves. Breathe and surrender and trust you still have GOD and all our mother universe endlessly will share with you more o


Grege, Beauty,Entertainment,
Music,health and wellness, fashion, expert!!!

f her promises. You are never alone!
Love Grege

Hair is beauty Grege

March 27, 2014

Our hair is our frame.
Our hair is our main.
As we embark on our journey as a part of the whole collective consciousness we must be silent and listen and feel our glow, our hair,our life beyond our face and body.
Love your hair.
Care for your hair.

Grege Beauty, Hair, Lips, Eyes,Skin,Face,Nails

Grege Beauty, Hair, Lips, Eyes,Skin,Face,Nails,Self

Care for your shell,external self.
Care for your essence your internal self.
Care for all that you are in all that you will be. KNow and trust your truth.
Breathe and let your hair flow in the wind.

Love Grege

Lips…clean nude and for evening put a pop of color and gloss, always line in the inside of the lip..
Nude lid, a touch of shimmer for the eve in the center.
Line and mascara for the lasting effect.
Contour  under  cheek bone and pop of color on the apple of the cheek.

Highlight upper cheek and GO!

Treat your face with mud, serum, moisture and  under eye care.

Hugs Model Grege

I promise to write a page a day. I promise to tape an episode a day.
I promise to be what God has designed me to be and let no man or woman stand in my path or block my blessings any further.
I promise to share the truth with the world and mother universe while letting others deal with their demons. I promise to heal with my words and prevent horrible things from happening to others that occur in life.
I promise to be a better person despite others actions of jealousy and envy.
I promise to lead by example.
I promise to be bold in the LORD.
I promise to love myself better than anyone else that had the chance and blew it.
I promise to forgive those that never got to know me because of their own trials.

Saving girls and boys one day at a time.

Music Is the answer Grege.

shared knowlegde GreGe

April 26, 2011

shared knowlegde GreGe.

Your Talents by Grege

October 26, 2009

In Life we all have unique talents, some are great lovers, some great listeners, some great healers and some just great!

By closely looking at what you do well will help you to be your destiny.

While we travel the road of life and so much enters into our consciousness and spirits, we must remain focused, now more importantly.

Also. true to our core values, respectful of our brothers and sisters is more necessary since karma is at full throttle.

As we grow we define and fine tune our rightful places. Rightful, means your particular unique space of greatness.

So as God speaks to and thru me , I urge you to just open yourself and be very aware of the times and messages, careful not to fall victim to false prophets.

You gut will tell you who is real and who is un-real for your path.

There is no wrong or right just choice for self.

Enjoy because life is a true creation every second, how we create is what gives us life.

Your unique space is solely yours.

Live, love, surround self with loving, protective light Grege


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