January 29, 2015

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Talent Source energy Grege Morris-Gidron.

Movie Awards PLUS


Speaking in Zürich, Harvey Weinstein summed up the Oscar season so far and explains why he is pushing GRACE OF MONACO to next year.

“This is the most competitive [Oscar] season I’ve ever seen,”  Weinstein said. “And if you aren’t ready, don’t get in it.”

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When you are a model or aspiring talent be proud. Embrace the favor and share your gift. That is all that matters to God and our wondrous universe.
No one has the answer to your calling in life. That is between you and the holy spirt. Just listen. Remove people that do not support your vision, those that are “in touch”, will!

Love Grege

Models must sleep.
They must rest their eyes, mind body and soul.
To be the best on camera it is important to let go of the thoughts from the day and ease into the slumber that will enhance the beauty or handsomeness that is required for your next job.
So rest.
Rest and realize that what you thing you are.
Be ready to endorse the product or service you work for and with with joy.

Love Grege

To Eddie Murphy “JAh JAh” vs “Party all the time” Grege.



“Oh Eddie”!
I love the intention and actually like the reggae vibe. But, we both know you have many variations of your singing talent and style. When you wrote, “My girl wants to party all the time”, about me I knew you could pursue the music and find your niche. Most don’t know how well you really can sing and well you may want to approach this like dropping a single that “we” can see you actually singing on stage, “kinda like”, when we were on the road and would go over the material first. Remember?  When we dated part of our synergy was the music and the rituals we lived.  I as a fellow veteran of the music game and talent industry can still appreciate your efforts and vision.

I am not sure how the public will receive you performing music and then telling jokes but then again, you are “Eddie”… and you will do what you want.
So, trust it!

Just do not have them laughing at you about the music. Anyhoo, I wish you well and I am excited you are putting your toes in the water, whatever water that is…

Oh! …and stop having me get ready and then flaking…Thats bullshit!

Model 101Runway… Grege

January 5, 2015

“Runway” is one of the facets of modeling.

When one walks the “catwalk” it is most important to create your style and practice your walk.

Walking w/ presence and poise, is key.

Walking with style and flair is your signature.

Shoulders back

Head up

One foot in front of the other.
Simple yet clear.

You essence and core ability will enable the clothes you wear to be seen and presented w/ poise.

Being able to walk a straight walk, with style, a walk with a rhythm, a walk with grace becomes  your “walk”, your signature!

Your walk is more than a walk your walk is your responsibility to your client.

Practice, Practice, Practice…

IAM  Grege,LLC The Grege Group

Be the music.
Be the model.
Be the producer.
Be more, and more, and more…
Be happy.
Be prosperous.
Be the person you are.
Be in love!
Be more than love!
Be free to self express.
Be committed!
Be trustworthy.
Be honorable despite the stories others may tell.
Be secure in that you know the truth.
Be available in showing up to make a difference.
Be a friend.
Be more than a word, be the words.
Just Be.

Love Grege


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