Model 101 Love Grege

September 30, 2014

Model 101 Love Grege.

Model 101 Love… Grege

September 30, 2014


Grege, Beauty,Entertainment,
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New World I AM LOVE! Beauty is supreme.
We are Goddesses of light and love we will always be beauty.
As a model we must love the color we wear and match  our essence with style and grace.
We must always care for ourselves deeply and others as well.

When you choose your attire, choose wisely. Color coordinate. Wear basics and keep your look clean and fresh.
Remember the product is a part of you.
This is what makes a great model!

The Movement is Power…Listen.

O Grege

Model 101 Gift Grege

September 29, 2014

To all my modelettes…
Send in your wish list for me to address. I will be selecting a young lady to receive a free consultation and Model life day with me.

Remember the notes and learn and grow.
Be beautiful and reciev the gifts that are for your ears and life…

Model 101 Water Grege

September 28, 2014

Water is the source w/i our body that must be!
The Model choice of liquid should be Water.
Drink 8-10 glasses of water / day to be the most beautiful you can be.
Live the life and drink to beauty.
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Grege, Beauty,Entertainment,
Music,health and wellness, fashion, expert!!!

Violated will heal Grege

September 28, 2014

If you have ever been violated sexually, this can afford a feeling of emptiness,loss,self blame and not wanting to go on.

I assure you that when we encounter these experiences we must be reminded that the perp is the lost soul, is the one who lives w/o, is the one who is empty and will face their maker one day.

Those that do these things leave a blue print on the cycle of life that will ever be a violation to the human spirit.
God fearing,spiritual beings will bond to remove such individuals. It is the harshest crime to man or woman.

Think before you put yourself in an unhealthy situation for the body and mind is your most valued asset. Think before you do anything that a person said, “NO”, to. Cherish your body, mind, spirit and leave the blame with the violator. You heal.

We heal thru our experiences and speaking out.

Love Grege

September 27, 2014

Model 101 head shots by Grege

September 27, 2014



When taking a headshot it is important to prepare by doing your hair, makeup, and selecting the proper outfit. We often forget the very important fact that this picture will represent us and our introduction to the world. Put forth the effort and make your mark. Hair,Makeup,Attire,Photography and then proper guidance. Model services 9178643880

Model 101-Thoughts Grege

September 26, 2014



Be happy.
When modeling a product it is important to be happy!
You are what you project and no one can ever project what you do!

Be happy.
For Classes and Services Contact Grege

Model 101 Grege

September 25, 2014

Model 101 Grege.

Model 101 Grege

September 25, 2014



Todays Tip.
If you have blemishes, wash with warm water. Always turn the washcloth clockwise onto another area so you do not spread the bacteria. Keep your face clean and hair off the face or forehead to prevent side blemishes. Never pop, the bacteria spreads with the oil form our fingers.

Love Grege


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