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April 29, 2014

God speaks.
My spirit tells me to keep sharing the Lord and not to use her as a tool for evil gain. Be mindful.
Those that have stolen my concepts and plans have stolen from God.

Create your art and let your spirit  soar be mindful and know who to be a part of for it is your greatest choice.

Do NOT GIve up!
Do NOT give in.
Do Not turn on those you love.
Continue to be human.
Protection is greater than the absence of light.
God lives.
God is here!
Fear not…..will to thyself healing and favor.
Do not question your calling.

Love Grege… I LOVE YOU.
Forgive them for what they not know.

Giving to others is what I am called to do.


Grege Beauty, Women,Heal,Universe, Prophet

Grege Beauty, Women,Heal,Universe,
Light worker.

Many ask me about relationships and many blame others for their insubordination.
One can ask for bacon and another can ask for a hug.
One can ask for words of solace and need another’s touch, while others yearn to be alone in their head and troubles.
Find peace.
Find your core values and let another appreciate you from you where you stand.
God may be telling you to move on.
Move away.
Start anew in this space as a different person.
Just spend time realizing that you are the perfect creation in a perfect space and from here, you can go forward.
Lets keep the air clear.
Minds free.
Lets empower as women.
Lets be real and better men.
When you love yourself, then and only then can you love another and receive the blessings you portray.

Love Grege and Smile.

Take 5 minutes.
Look in the mirror.
I Am Beautiful!!!!!
I AM WOMAN!!!!!!
I AM MAN!!!!!!!!
I AM Consciousness and we exist as we are together.
All matters.
Be connected or be a part of the whole…just belong.
Love your brother and sisters. LOVE all of life, it is easy. The rest that does not serve you will surely fade away. is about Loving women and children, loving young men and making a difference….as we learn to love ourselves.

Grege Beauty Skin

April 10, 2014

As a model, I must share that having beautiful skin is key.
How we care for ourselves daily will surely be seen and many will take note fast.


Grege, Beauty,Entertainment,
Music,health and wellness, fashion, expert!!!

Make up is a tool and is also a necessity but it is more important to care for your skin.

When we care for ourselves and our shell, we show it by glowing.

Always wash, exfoliate, treat, areas of concern and then finish with your cream to moisturize and block the sun.

Love your skin and all else will follow.
Love yourself and all else will flow.

I Am Grege, I love sharing wisdom bestowed upon me.
My Story, Professional Model, Host, Rapper and mom…I have been given messages from God and Universal source from early on. I am invited to share with the universe and her people messages and the answers we all seem to need. Those that know I am a vessel of truth and here for the greater good, will just flow effortlessly with me …those that can hear the messages just will.  Insight can not be stolen for the loss is greater than the price.

Be Beautiful and Bountiful.


Time to love yourself.
The signs are in the healing.
Be assured you are always healing and growing.
Nurture your skin, hair and nails.
Love hard!
Be loved harder!
Spoil yourself.

xoxoxo Grege

I had a recent experience where a young lady needed my help. I offered guidance, support and coaching. I was able to shed light and open new possibilities to one that had never experienced life as we all come to find comfort in.  I want to offer love and support to all those I touch and be there to lend a helping hand in times of greatest challenges and smiles. We must NOT “game” one another in the likeness of aid. We must be thankful for each and every one of our moments together. We must be thankful for life and each breath we take. Learn and grow with and for our collective Entertainment and LIVES.



that those that can hear, will and those that can not, will hear if and when they are ready.


Love Grege


Celebrity Model,Host,Actress

To Women…Grege

April 1, 2014

Love is but a seed if valued without restraint, it is sure to come back evermore glorious than before.
We as women are life, we are the strength even to and for ourselves. Breathe and surrender and trust you still have GOD and all our mother universe endlessly will share with you more o


Grege, Beauty,Entertainment,
Music,health and wellness, fashion, expert!!!

f her promises. You are never alone!
Love Grege


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