Plan Grege

February 24, 2014

To all who wish to start in the entertainment business.

1st Identify your dream.

2nd Shut out those that do not believe in you.

3RD Find the most reliable source or contact you have to aid in the process.

4th Listen.

5TH All are teachers and all are students.

6th Be determined but not cut throat. 

7th Keep negativity away with light.



I am writing my story. I am sifting through the details and it dawned on me the value in which I hold.
I have suffered keeping secrets. I have done my best to allow those that care about their own reputations to step up.
They have all fallen short.
Why do they lie?
Why do they not tell the truth when we know their careers and lives depend on it?

I am open to the “risk” behavior most do on purpose…till now.I will need my friends in the experience. It is not easy.


Youth… Grege

February 22, 2014

Dedicate your life to our youth for they may be the reason you actually wake up!!
Can my generation please know it is about tomorrow for our teen males…teen females and all  the little people actually are begging us for our stories and wisdom.

Grege…Auntie Grege Story

This has been an interesting time.
Letting go of old friends,relationships,jobs and dreams only leaves room for the new to begin.
When we make a conscious choice to start a new chapter we allow the old that no longer serves us to fade away.
Those that omit the truth are not hiding from another their quest but hiding from them selves the very answers that they are seeking.
The answers we seek will come. Be quiet and with your self and be open to all that there is.
God wink’s at us through many mediums, I have always listened to God’s wink…especially in the silence.
Love and Light and may you hear God speaking… Grege

My Son Esteban. Grege

February 7, 2014

The Student,Athlete, Rapper,Model

The Student,Athlete, Rapper,Model

I love my son.
I love him so.
He is my rock and my joy and my world this he must know.
I as a rapper, poet, lyrical person…point to him and his potion.
Drink of his talented never ending notion.
Fame is bestowed upon him as he came musically thru my womb.
He saved my life gave me a reason to live and took me from gloom.
Esteban is his name.
Enlightened one in the name game.
He is my child, my rock, the future and one that will be more than most can claim.
Love your child. Let them know.
This is real life…not a show.

LOve Grege MOM

We all have heartbreak.
We all have upsets.
We all have points in our lives where others let us down.
We have moments of truth to look to.
We have moments of realization.
Take the time to feel the experience and do not let it fade without growth.
The pleasure of pain is to NOT experience it again.
The importance of contrast is to be able to notice the difference.
Heal my dear.
Heal your mind, body and soul.

Thus we all heal. It is all a moment in time.
Love and Light Grege


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