Be Thankful Grege

November 30, 2013

I am thankful for everything.
The good the bad and the different.
Learn to be thankful in your journey so that the process flows in sync with your dreams.

Love Grege

Eddie Murphy’s Gal… Grege

November 20, 2013

Most have secrets. I have none. Yes, we dated. Yes, we were in love. Yes, we have a huge amount of time we spent together and yes, I know the secrets. Grege and Eddie?… Eddie and Grege… how many years will this go on?

Let me tell my side. It will be great!.
Arsineo, Sly, Michael Jackson, Barber Walters… Come on Eddie lets tell the story of memory lane. Teaneck High School class and industry folks… Know you love me!!!!!!

Tell the Truth with Grege

November 19, 2013

Funny how I find others are running to tell the truth about themselves. They are all guilty for their horrible actions over the years.
I suggest you make peace.
Tell the truth in the mirror and then share it with others.
The past is the past.


Beauty. Grege

November 7, 2013

When one feels beautiful they are.
The old saying what you eat is what you are is true.
How you act as a person others will see in you.
Lets take foundation cover your blemishes, protect your skin,even out the skin. Now you have a fresh clean start.
I am asked about foundations and products often. I refer products and brands based on my experience as a professional model, actress and rapper of twenty years.
the key is the foundation must be natural looking when applied to your skin tone. It should be applied evenly and with fingers, a brush or a sponge. I prefer fingers for most applications.
Do the dot application or the center of the face application.
The dot application is center of head, tip of nose, chin, cheeks. The center of of face is to apply more from nose outward.
The key is to NEVER leave a start and finish line on the chin or forehead.
Blend, Blend, Blend.
Then you are ready to go!


Beauty. Grege

November 7, 2013

Eddie Murphy. Grege

November 7, 2013

I have thought long and hard about my life with Eddie Murphy, Dick Gidron Jr, and Michael Jackson. There is unfinished business. To have the friends and affiliates I have in my circle and to see the true actions of how “they” treat others and self has always been amazing to me. As we push towards the “end times” and begin anew we all start to see the truth. Eddie Murphy, Dick Gidron Jr, Martha Stewart, and many more have taught me lessons that I will share and they will shape and change the views of how we live from day to day.
Being a healer,motivator and seer. I will now speak out and speak to the answers everyone is seeking.

Single. Grege

November 6, 2013

Life has a way of being honest…we just have to listen.


Listen. Grege

November 3, 2013

When we have been told since  a person is no good, we must listen.




When we see the true faces of friends and foe, we must listen.

When one is out of character and we yearn for them to be other than what we see  they are, we must listen.

When we believe in another and they lead us astray, we must listen.

Friends will let you down, parents will let you down, family and  strangers will and may let you down…this is  all part of our journey  and all I ask is that you hear the truth and are able to listen…and then learn.


Love and Light Grege



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