Fear not. For all I stand for is of importance and guided from beyond. Our God is for us all and has many names in the most infinite of our thoughts. Through God we are seen as we are. Now who we wish to be. Know that at this time it is the only way. God has many colors, names and lessons. We are all her to Rock, Play, Work, Sing, Dance, Think, SEE, BE, Communicate and give freely to each other. Know that the time is now to make a difference or be made a difference of.
Follow those you respect or follow yourself. But Choose LIGHT or DARK? Good or Bad? Pain or JOY? Many have chosen their paths but it is not too late it is what we all do going forward before we have no choice.

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End Abuse by Grege

May 19, 2013

To all that are in any form of an abusive relationship must seek help. It is not an embarrassment. It is a part of the journey. The abuser knows who to target. They know, as a employer, as a friend, as a mate, as a parent and even as an animal, who to target and who not too. Abuse is NOT to be tolerated. I see many forms and know many abusers, sadly. They too, have been abused. Seek help and grow away from the “small” people in your life. You are BIG! YOu are LOVE. You are more and deserve much more.

The time is NOW.
God Source and Mother Universe knows no abuse!

Grege Be Happy

May 17, 2013


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The Brand.Grege

May 4, 2013


Brand,Beauty Host and Educator of The ARTS.

Being clear.

A. Be Clear.

B. Be Focused.

c. See your value

D. Empower your worth

E. Be an asset to yourself and the company or clients you work with.

F. Know that even your boss has a boss.

G.  God. Gifted. Gal. Grege. Grege. Grege. Grege. Grow in the life cycle and grow in all.

H. Ha Ha Ha . Laugh at the scene of the

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