GregE will always be

June 28, 2012

GregE will always be.

GregE will always be

June 28, 2012

What is in a name is favor, is unique identity, is ones ownership and in that is energy. When one tries to take ownership of another it affords that person to thus grow…how sad for the simple people that spend all their time chasing dreams instead of creating and manifesting them. To each his own is sown. Grege; GregE;GRege

So Model tips plump the lip by putting a darker color on the top lip..Then lightly on the bottom do the same. Then take a slightly lighter color and put it in the center of the bottom lip and leave it. Pat w/ finger gently to blend the color and there you have it, a pouty, plumper bottom lip!!!!!.

Model tricks by Grege

Green is our way of life and Green is our future. Being in sync w/ all that is… Mother earth and all her splendor. WE need to be a part of the healing equation. So let us start by being true to our universe and loving what God has given us. We must all care about the fundimentals. Water, Trees, Soil, air, animals, and eachother.
Love your house! Green Grege


how to be happy Seer Grege Morris-Gidron

The truth we hear from w/i is ultimately our  own truth to be seen in our lives. We se thus what we feel and  already know.  Be careful to listen to what your inner voice is saying. It is your personal truth, healer, guide and answer.  We manifest the situation that we give light to. The situation that is upsetting you has no life, if you learn to give it “no life”, and  STOP the woes or attention you yourself draw to it.  Calm the storm and end the noise! it is over!  It is as simple as a thought.  Mind controle is the greatest gift given to man or woman, animal or alien;)  It is  meerly something or nothing…Nothing… is a “no_thing”, Nothing! So lets enjoy life, thoughts,  and lets deserve happiness and warrant peace w/i to see it with OUT(outside). See to be, more. Very simply that is the law of attraction and the laws of a happier life .  I do and it works. I can even do a bit more, why not do it together and make a huge difference personally and collectively?

: LOve Grege
Love life through the storm Grege

grege be u

June 13, 2012

be u beauty is inspired by my beauty lifestyle. I live, eat , and breathe beauty and share it w/ the world, as a tale and creator. I have recently been  re-awakened by a dear friend Bobbi Brown. She graced me w/ her artistry for many years as a model and now invited me to teach and share her brand. This  experience to come full circle has taught me  a great lesson which i will now  share w/ you.  Be you… Be U…be self and  be true to your cause…do not change your inner beauty  for it extends beyond and will only enhance the outer beauty. I promise how you see your self will be how we see you too. We can use products, doctors and fashion. But it will  only come alive more if you are exuding the  true beauty you feel and share w/self and others.

Start w/ food, water, skin, and rest. Then stop by and see me or your nearest Bobbi specialist.



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