Away with the past GrEge

December 31, 2010

Good bye to all the tougher times.
The marker for a new is here.
Have you thought about what you promised yourself and did not accomplish?
Have you accomplished it and more?
Have you grown in love for others or in discord?
Have you still kept abusing your body and mind or did you take care and will you continue?
I personally had one of the toughest years of my life and found pain and suffering and a meaness in other humans that could have changed me forever…
But when you have faith, have GOD, have contact with the most high in and out and really understand universal law. NO man or WOMAN can ever touch your space.
So as I am a pillar of strength and a seer of life and love.
I will share just that.
Listen up the time is near and we all shall be judged for our transgressions and our ways.
Give, forgive, love, tryharder and it will all pass in time and you will see a brighter you and day!!!!!!!!!!
HaPPY Beautiful, Prosperous, Enlightened New year and New Day Karma GREGE Maria Morris-Gidron

suffer no more GreGe

December 29, 2010

suffer no more GreGe.

suffer no more GreGe

December 29, 2010

we find in life we suffer
we hurt
we learn we try to understand the actions of others.
to no avail…
this my children is part of the journey
when the paint weighs the fear….we grow
we change
we stop
we realize that we are no longer interested in the feeling that pian and suffering may offer
this is when it goes away.
far away
it is the pain we can explain and share as wisdom verses the ridicule inactions that we once lived/
be the teacher of pain as a story u conquered not one you STILLL experience
LET GO and Surrrender to the lesson life no longer wants you to LIVE

GReGE Grege Grege greGE grEge

December 15, 2010

Have I said it enough? It is my name GregEIAM!

The Holiday’s are about remembering your blessings and giving to those less fortunate. Forgiving your trespassers, adulterers, murderers, “scum Bgs”
(as, Kanye, said…), and those that just are what they are.
Be forgiving and don’t will that energy towards you and they won’t fit in your space any longer.

In short, yin yang, karma…
Have a loving spirit and continue to love life, being happy.
Give, Give, Give…Grege

Are you passionate about what you do?
Do you feel it is necessary?
Passion is the drive.
Passion is the reason.
Passion will be the zest that is needed to achieve your goal.
Be passionate and the universe will support you. Don’t ever let another take away your passion. It is your unique and special passion that will be there to carry you to your promise land. The universe hears your passion and inner most intentions. Make sure they are good for all.
Love and passion GreGE


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