I am fortunately blessed with insight and realize through the small and larger things that when we least expect to see the great mystery of forgiveness and karma, it is there. It is all and it is at all times. Today,I see mercy, forgiveness, humility… and in that, I see All GOd’s presence. I am God’s work and do see God’s in you. No words, no pain, no indifference, no suffering, NO THING. JUst, What I SEE. I SEE more and so can you. Reread what I am sharing with you the words are very profound and have meaning from a divine source. I am a tool and used in my form. I accept that. Do you accept you and yours.
Being is being for all and for us. Love Grege IAM

be more, it is for you to do,know your part in this equation. I am here to give love, give guidance, be the messenger of God’s Universal design. I will support that which is of my core. What is your core reason for living? Who are you and what do you do and why? We are all different, difference is what makes us beautiful. WE may not understand others but it is important to help each other in even the smallest way. “Quitters never win and winners never quit”…Ted Turner GregeIAM

Love Insight GreGEIam

November 25, 2010

Love is the core emotion that will give you the food you need in your spirit to make a difference to all. I send and receive thankful abundant love and unity to all through God’s Universal Light, Grege IAM

THe Signs GReGE

November 15, 2010

I am love

I listen to the signs.

I am more advanced than most in this area because I surrender.

See, I was not taught to hurt and hate and lie.

I was not taught to steal and cheat.

These things are not of God, not of Source.

These things are a waste of time and energy.

We all have times when we fear, expeience pain and suffer.

These are life experiences, these are certain parts of our journey we must live.

The message is… not to let it consume you. Do not be come the pain.

Do not become the STORY.

Good always wins, and  there are other forces, collaborating, and communicating.

If you sit quietly w/i your spirit and send peace and love out to your opposers.

You shun evil and receive the blessings that are destined to be yours.

The signs are clear. Healing is a choice. Peace is a way of life.

Negitivity is a void in another’s energy field and thus does not have to be yours.

Shun it and see the sings.

As your seer, sister in spirit we grow collectively as we find peaceful moments and beauty in all we do.

GregeI AM I receive the love and the light. I send the love and support!


Unconditional LOve GREGE

November 7, 2010

I LOve you!
To ove of another means to stay and commit and to be there for you and with you and do this through good and bad times.
The words we speak to self are the words that we speak to the UNIVERSE GOD.
See it is not separate it is all one in the same.
But you choose to be conditional, good for your needs or not.
That is exactly what you will receive.
Maker a change in you and see it in your life.
That is SYNERGY! Get IT?
I DO. I will always be the same. I AM GREGE have I ever changed?
No, that is what my statement is… an example for God’s UniversaL LAWS OF LIGHT AND LOVE.
SEEk and you shall find. I am not too far from you.
I am your sister. LOveyou GregeI AM

Greatness GreGE

November 4, 2010

All that you desire is w/I your control to mainfest.

God hears at all times. The Universe is God and understands what your intentions are.

It is for us to be very clear about what we want collectively and not unwanted life experiences.

So focus on the positive and focus of what you see yourself doing and being.

This will come forth in your experience.

We have to be more to see more.

My spirt guides and God all Gods speak to me to share the messages.

We are chaining our lives and we must change them for the better.

I sense fret and concern yet I encourage trust, faith, abundance, support and no fear. God has supplied us with enough for all to share.

Love Light abundance GregIAM,GregePower.org

YOU matter GreGE

November 1, 2010

You matter.
Has anyone ever made you feel as if you don’t?
Well I am here to tell you that another’s opinion is just that, their opinion and not a fact.
You are your own story and you do matter.
Know that it is important for you to be clear about you truth as well.
When I speak of how things affect you, I speak of how you feel about yourself and thus how things affect you, there after.
In short, how you feel about yourself should be clear and then the outside influences won’t have much of an impact. Being SECURE is easy when we adress it.
Think about it… and re read this later, it will make more sense in time.
Loving Support Grege


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