Get up and DANCE GREGE

October 31, 2010

Get up and move.
Get up and dance.
Get up and shake your self and your spirt.
Movement is movement!
Action is action!
Take action and responsibility!
Sometimes we need to just shake ourselves and set ourselves free from burden worry and concerns.
They too shall pass!
So, a reason , a season, or a lesson is upon us.
The outcome is also up to us.
So lets get to shaken things up and instead of placing balme and pointing fingers, and turning our heads.
Lets get up, get movin and face or fears, look in the mirror and make a difference to ourselves and each other!
In Loving Light GReGE

Be More! Grege

October 30, 2010

There is enough out here! There is enough to share!

WE all have to be more! Do more!

Try harder to change your old ways of selfish, behavior and realize that what you do you receive. What you believe you are if earned.

I have been in the business with the most aggressive takers. I won’t participate yet always win.

The answer is inside of you and you must realize that it is WE. I and YOU, they and us!

WE all matter and so do our actions.

LOve can conquer all, or be  conquered.

Make a difference in anthers life by not thinking solely of yourself.

Live Love Laugh and Give,

We all have the power to do as we wish and see as we are.
If we all se lack then there will be that.
If we all see abundance , and support for our world and enough to share , feed, and grow each other’s businesses as well as our own then we will enjoy those rewards.
The Universe hears us. We all have the power to stay here or give up and go, CHANGE YOUR MIND AND THUS CHANGE THE RESULTS>

Life is LOve Grege

October 27, 2010

Love can never be contained or owned or pressured.

Love is ever flowing to the very person, that gives of it… unconditionally.

When we vow our love before another.

We vow love and all its vast array of mysteries.

So, be thankful to have found LOVE. Be careful never to try to own it.

Love flows and love is pure.

Love freely and  you will recive it just as freely.



October 13, 2010

I am that I am
We are what we claim we are
Let no man or woman ever put falsehoods in your space
Be all that you know you are
See, so many fear another’s growth and self awareness, that they may write, act and live falsely.
This is not for you to worry about. It has no merit in your life if you give it no merit.
Those that spend their lives being concerned with another person’s actions wastes time that is given them.
We are creative human beings, put here to share of our individual gifts.,
Collectively we make a difference coming together as one.
If they don’t get that then they are missing their own contribution.
So, never mind the other’s…never mind all that is seemingly so bothersome.
Be you. Be happy. Be all you can. I do. I am 4 u…In Loving Light GregeIAM

101010 GregeIAM

October 10, 2010

101010 is completion and beginning, a unique alignment of time. WE should all take a look at the meaning of time. I know for me I am a very new person, I am clear I love God, I understand the universe , I fear nothing or no one.
I am all that I am and it is promised.
How do you feel?
I have launched a movement. I would love for you to come , support and be a part of success and abundance of a much more spiritual level.
I will share as we go.But you have to stay close, I did my part. Those who know will follow.
In Godspeed and light Grege

Life as you see it…Grege

October 9, 2010

How do you see you?
How do you contribute to the equation?
How do you see life?
How do you act?
How don’t you act?
As I ask I she.
As I offer, I support, I receive…
How do you see life!…
Well then the rest is easy… Love GrEgE….GreGE…GregE

All Is possible, see the every thing you seek may actually appear. Then you really must be clear as to what it is that you are asking for.
Be clear in all you do, in all you seek, in all you are!
are U?
Grege is love. This is real… I don’t change w/ the times w/o the effects. Who are you?
I am that I am, I am God!…God’s Loving LighT!…A FRIEND. A Person w/ a message!…a MOM! A Woman! A Person who cares about us…


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