THe Flow to and Fro GreGEIAm

September 20, 2010

Being clear is the most important thing that you can do and be at this point.
Being clear.
I said, “yes…”
I said, “No…”
I will be there at three or threeish.
I love you.
I will be honest or I have an issue with honesty.
See, The issue is not we can’t communicate. It is that we must all respect ourselves thus each other and each other’s view points.
COMMUNICATE.. TO COMMUNE Bring together and speak, do..Be!
“I Love you all..”
I sincerely say that because it is given to me in my heart from GodSource and so I share it by the words of wisdom that have been bestowed upon me.
Peace Be in your Life, Smile, even when it hurts and pray, the Universe is responding and God always listens( ALL GOD’S) Remember, these words just may be for you.
In Loving Spirit GreGEIAM

Tap In Source Grege

September 13, 2010

Tap in to the source of your soul. God is all. You are beautiful, sexy, spiritual, precious, intelligent, happy and will have all that you project.
Be clear.
Be honorable and be more that you were before.
It all matters.
Send the messages out.
Send the messages forth.
God works through me to you to your families, friends and ofer and over and over…
Just because it seems like lack in society today. Does not mean that it is so.
It is merely a change.
We have more than we need and have more than enough to share.
KNOw this.
Love Grege

You are special…GregE

September 10, 2010

You are special. I know you are.
I have been blessed with your smile.
I have been blessed with your thoughts, presence and your unique gifts of being here.
I am blessed to be invited to your events.
I am blessed to be sharing my thoughts and words of wisdom.
I am blessed to be here and value every sec.
I am blessed because we found each other in this whole huge world.

I am blessed because you have another day and that matters to me. I am blessed because you are blessed and you realize it.
WE R Blessed…WE are blESSED>
WE have food, love, light, time, money, friends, shoes, health, all that God affords and promises us!
NO Weapons formed against us will ever prosper. Do you get that!
All who try will receive the wrath of GOd,Enemies will fall by the wasteside of those who faer in the LIVING LORD.
God is many, God is clear. All our neighboring religions know the golden rule in which we all agree….karma, do unto other as u would have them do to you, yin-yang, we as a people as brothers and sisters do agree on something.
The is a God, God source, Universe. We all are human and we all must make a difference to save ourselves and thus our brothers and sisters.
Be moor conscious about you and someone else.
I am blessed to have you think and receive this love. I am blessed to receive yours.
In loving light we shine.


September 5, 2010

So, Many are confused by the energy flow i n which they have in their lives.
See, what you see is what often is the result of what happens. Look deeply into yourself and what you are infect creating.
Problems or solutions in your life.
Happiness or sadness.
Constant opportunities and securing healthy prosperous outcomes.
No fears or all feared.
Please take a moment and reflect and realize what you are and why.
May my light be shared, may your light be shared…may we understand the connection dn. thus the flow of our intentions.
I see healing, Love, Prosperity,Focus, Great business, World Peace and Not waiting till it’s too late.


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