Expansion Grege!Am

August 24, 2010

Expand your thoughts your mind, your will, your ways.
Expand to be more, do more and receive more!

Expand, Life is about growth and expansion..in Love…Love Grege

In less there is more, just another way.
Be more. Be giving. Be supportive. Be different in these different times.
You are well, You are blessed.
You are of right action only.
You are surrounded by the love in this group and the light I am given, through prayer, any and all negativity is gone…You are broken of your suffering, jealousy,pain, brokenness,insecurities,and selfish ways. Your are balanced. I see favor in your spirit and your life, thus offering support to me.. for giving this to you. God has answered my prayers in this for you.
When God chooses another you rejoice. When the Universe answers the call you answer the phone.
When the gift is
received , no man can take what God has appointed.
Grege IAM, I am favored and abundant in all I, receive do and touch with the wand of love.
So can you, my light and love and abundance will be Universal. My source Is Omnis+++++++++
Let’s be better to each other…from now on.
When one ministers, the love and abundance came from a place of divine source. That is to be recognized and appreciated. That is to be rejoiced. Be happy for another, it means you are happy for yourself.
God I see, Favor I see, Light I see…
SexySpiritualSynergyby Grege
I see GregeOmnis

BE happy!!!!!!!Grege

August 13, 2010

It is always important to wake up…happy!
It is a thought and emotion and reality!
Be all that it may, we have trials.
But what you put behind those trials is what will be the effect in your life!
Be Happy!…Be fruitful and thankful…
I know it is challenging in your mind…but that is it!
It is in your mind..it is merely …change you in fact need.
You will work it out and work through it…I see you!
Your friend,seer,lightwarrior,synergist, GregeIAM
who are you?

I am Grege…Favored

August 11, 2010

I am mom, I am Woman, I am Successful in all I do
Abundance Is mine as the Universal God has promised
I create new ways to be successful for all who render my services and receive my light
I am humble
I am blessed
I am favored
I am part of the collective and aware of my part in the equation
I have my own unique place in the universe
I am Grege…Do you know who you are in God?

One’s view orf you may be one thng, another’s may be another…

And so you can be your own thoughts or theirs or none…

I choose none…


In God’s UNiversal laws and alll the belief systems in the world where does it say to beileve what another says about you or to you that you should take as fact?

Love GregeLife…me, you we matter…

Soul Synergy!Grege

August 5, 2010

Gary has been a great friend in moments that matter. See this music business called business of music is a flower that blossoms a river that flows a song never ending a horn that blows…blows…blowssss…

I see mussssssic, I see sereenity…I seee wisssdom, I seeeeeee You. I see me.

I see, u see, we see as one when we share the common thread that is ever fun, drums, sax,bells, whistles, horns, voices….

Love is in the air. Love is in the show, love is in the synergy….the seeds we sow.

we go, we owe, we know…we flow…. It, to our selves…..love is in the aiRRRRRR INdie the airrrrrrr, inside pal…Insideplayaaaaaaa… GREGE



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