Love and friendship is a way of life…

We have an abundance of what we allllllll need.

God will help, the Universe will help…. you can help…

When we know what we can do to prevent, we try… when we are asked to aid in growth we stand up…

I know my place and I humbly accept my call… do you?

Love Light laughter and happiness.. GreGE

Be in Sync GreGE

July 28, 2010

In sync with the flow of life is beautiful. No matter what or who.. be you. Believe in your heart how wonderful it is and can be. Live your experience.

may God, Universal Laws, all religions be understood and play their part.


Never Give up..GreGE

July 24, 2010

Life has it’s up and downs….Oh Boy!

Be a Mighty Truck with Big lo wheels…

Fill the truck with heart and take on the terrain.

See with faith and belief that God ‘s Universe sees and hears all. We have choices. To be kind and honorable or be dal with when we least expect it!…

Hurt today, be hurt tomorrow!..

This game of life may never stop being what it is…but it is changing and more will see by their own actions.

We all must spend time giving and caring…that is why I write!

In love light protective forces of God! Laws that attract are karma…

LOVE Grege

Reflection is such that it often comes in times of great sorrow and pain.

Let’s ask , why?

If we were smart we would be thankful before hand.

We have top be knocked on our bottoms in order to beg to higher powers, God!… before we see the true value in others, life, pleasures, and simplicities.

See when u lose a loved one, escape and accident, heal, bare a child, prevent unjust from another, survive LIfe…we should learn…

So, often we don’t learn from these messages and need MORE!

LOuder and more severe as a reminder of the last close call.

Wake Up… reflect.. stop being so busy that you miss your life, the people you love and the jurney.

Stop pretending it’s not your problem and anthers fault.

Wake up… Heal, Grow, Love and come together for change…It does matter how we all get it…before we all get IT!!!!!

Gregeism…My spirit is filled with messages. Get it or don’t… I do.. and I will be allright because I shared it with you unconditionally out of love and reality!

Be U GregE

July 16, 2010

Do you see the beauty in yourself?
Do you wait for another to affirm or shun your inner beauty?
KNow that what God and all Universal laws bestows upon you No MAn or Woman or person can diminish…
Be all, see all, know that there is a key in there… find it… Love Light and Life Grege

Did you men and women know that the female clitoris has the same stimulating muscles that a man’s penis has?
Do some of you men and women even know where it is?
Well here is a tip ” go pee pee” and there is it.
This is one of the most sensual “g-spots” a man and a woman has.
But it takes communication, practice and timely monogamous, exploration in a relationship.
To learn to love , please and share with another requires intimacy and getting to know how to please your self as well as the other…
The body is a beautiful piece of art. Part of getting to know another is to know thy self.

Sun Sol Sunny GreGE

July 12, 2010

Sun Soltice Happy Sunnier Days.
Sun=SON= Jesus= Buddah=Child
Connect the dots…when you really look beyond your scope of understanding you see that we are all aiming for the same goal. Love Love, Light, Unity, Peace, Togetherness, UNderstanding, Sharing, Caring, Family, Healing, LIFE Grege

We must receive Grege

July 4, 2010

Universal Source is consciousness from the Almighty God, Allah, Jehovah, …
See when thought was a beginning… and so IT was.
We must responsibly be proud of today as a victory of ownership.
We as Americans are proud, fortunate, loving endearing and pillars of strength to many globally.
Be proud to be an American, and be proud to be a human, and be proud to be a person of good will and unity.
Being a SSS(sexy spiritual synergy ) muse means you are making a constant effort to be more and see more in life.
My spirit says we can be more collectively…
Today is a collective awareness of our efforts, of our passions, of our victories.
Being an American is also being proud of being the “melting pot” of all God’s creations, races, creeds, religious backgrounds.
American stands for freedom of voice, color, expression, interconnectedness,multi-cultural, multi faceted, and infinite beliefs…IN one.
Happy 4th of July..Happy America day!
Happy Sexy and Spiritual Synergy Day, Happy Life Day… Be as one and be one collective voice.
We will be ok, we will be healed of financial transgressions, we will be victorious in stopping the ruins of separatism and indifference…
Be proud to be a beautiful, successful, healthy, a wonderful contributor and belonging to a whole! A Whole Difference for the good of all…
Live Love Laugh Grege


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