Bliss, Favor,Win Grege

June 30, 2010

Let’s take our mood today… are you happy?
Are you believing you are troubled?
Is it because of your actions?
Is it due to the reaction of another’s actions baring on your mind, spirit, thus soul?
Ask your self is this what you are asking for in your space?
Is this what you deserve?
Why do we place blame on results and don’t look at the source?
IO send this in love and light, growth and strength to be well Grege…

So, my spirit tells me of the takers today and the givers.

In life we take and receive .

A gift of love must come from a pure and rightful source and thus receive full, the gain.

There are so many walking with the notion of I, and me, and how can I get?

That will surely be revealed and end.

So many wonder in relationships, work, life how  come they fall…

They do because the lies in which they live are the lies in which they are living and experiencing.

You know who you are. You know why you do what you do.

You know that,if you don’t change in this group, in your ways, towards your friends and families and the world. Then the lessons will be the same.

Having things does not bring a bright light through God’s Universal glory.

Being is the only way to true inner peace.

Before I do my show and release the books…the seeds will be sown through my light in the purest form that is…thus creating an  endless source  of love for you and your dreams as God has spared Me and mine…OUR Voices and LOVe will be a force like no of oneness.

Being Sexy is being a complete person and making clear decisions, I open the door to learn and grow in each and every moment…

LOve Auntie Grege, Mom, Beautiful person, Gifted Seer and Grege Maria

LV bag for sale New!

June 24, 2010

LV is my very favorite Lv is known for it’s class and elegance. Anyone that knows me knows I have never carried much else. I have a host of brand new never used stock and am letting go of some of my personal gifts as a spiritual release. I will offer these to my closest friends. This is the Neverfull it retails for $750. 00 I am letting it go for $500.00 there are a few other styles 20% off and then they are gone! To LV I will never leave you!

Sexual bliss Grege

June 23, 2010

When all else fails make love not war.
We all make love and we all create.
We create movement, feelings,life, family, religion, history, land, will, synergy and more of self.
The notion is to be more to self so that you can be more to the whole collective.
God’s will is for us to be here with and for each other.
When we were given lovemaking as a gift of life and intimate sharing we were also given the fruits of pleasure that go with it.
Turn to your partner or meet one stranger in the street and be more gentle, more loving, more open, more sensual then you have ever been before and you will receive the same.
If the other does not receive your gesture it does not mean that another won’t. When we release our desires of expecting and let the flow of receiving come forth then you will see that it WIll come.
Pleasure is in the mind, heart  and the body which  will flow with sensations and feelings unexplained when in the presence of another that you connect spiritually with.
There is no thought when relaxation through sexual bliss is encountered. When it is mastered it becomes the very core of your being in a natural, beautiful, pure, innocent manner.
Be sexual, Be spiritual and be synergy of all that is the LOVE< GOD< UNIVERSE AND LIGHT… God is all… you can call God blue beauty… but is is not a word that we need,  it is a all incumbent Father Mother Universal being of light for all… through Love
Live and learn that things as we once knew them have changed for the better here, not worse… I know, hear and am what my spirit says this evening and share it in all we  do…you are light, love and the constant flow of all that is… be that…Good night my sweet children in bliss, I LOVE YOU GREGE

A Father LOve… Grege

June 20, 2010

Our Father who art in heaven.. is the kind of love we all have.

Single parenting is not a problem it is a solution to raise our children with broader understanding based on life’s obstacles.

Give me a crutch I give you a race,won

Some have great fathers, some may not… this is a time of happiness and reflection. A time to see more and be more…

A time to heal from the past and see to the future.

A time to pat your self and call those you love.

As I think of my father I am thankful I have one of the very best!

As I think of friends that don’t, I think of sending love and support and how I can share mine.

How I will rear my child to be the best father and son and man he can be.

I hope this day your dad is well and if they have passed on, be complete in the moments that you shared and lessons you learned.

Happy Father’s day to you my LOrd and to all whom have been dad’s to someone.

Life is a blessing and in each moment we share from our spirit we are more than we were before…Love GrEgE

Sexy Chakra Tips Grege

June 17, 2010

Lust is a thought, sight, sound,feeling, smell, taste, touch we sought after to fulfill our sexual desires.

Passion is the feelings emotionally felt in the core of our inner being thus felt in our sexual chakra.

These feelings can be increased by concentration on our acceptance to our “sex/fertility/empowerment “chakra.

The color is red to orange and must be envisioned as a spinning building up of light in your pelvic area.

This will help with relationship issues, former insecurities from unhealthy relationships, self-doubt, self-pity, and really enhance the flow of all natural juices and sexual exchange.

What is gained is knowledge of your body and your partner’s body and of you and what you can offer without the act to yourself and your partner.

So we close our eyes and imaging strength, love, respect, intense feelings of certainty and control and release to and for self…

Sexual Spiritual Synergy is a natural part of life the more you know the more you WILL flow its blessing towards your desired results.

Stay tuned…Its getting hot this month as your desires become my will… Grege

God is real! Grege

June 10, 2010

I can’t say it enough or any louder, We know better, but to my knowledge lately so many don’t believe, so many question, what is true and what is not. All is God, call him what you will but know that how you are and what you do does matter.

There is a higher power and it is GOD. It is good and it is great.

When times get rough, by the grace of God we will be saved and nothing else.

Make sure you think about that and encourage others to believe and not be fooled or dismayed.

Yes, there are other forces that may be part of the whole… but the truth still remains all beneath God.

God is all.  God does have many names…Light, Love,Source, Allah, Jehovah, etc…God is not a word but a movement and mission of love!

Teach your friends and children the importance of God’s love and strength in difficult times.

I had no idea how few know?

I have guides that speak to me regularly to warn us of the times ahead…

But it can change, we can change it…the answers lie in unity, love and willing the best. I love you because I know God…They speak to me because they know I love God…I am proof of God’s mercy and love. Are you?

Ask yourself today how much you have been able to rely on God . LOve Grege.

Beauty Tips Grege

June 9, 2010

Fango Mud by Borghese is a winner by far Eddie Murphy and I use to use it.. I learned form the best. I also was the National for the company and to be honest they have one of the best products ever. Without Fango you are a no, no… get real and heal with Grege

Get up and Go! Grege

June 9, 2010

Super people do super things there really is no less.

We are going to make this a bit more personal and shed light on the rules.

First there is a GOD!!!!!!!!

2nd there are rules, we all will follow…KARMA

3rd All is seen and heard be clear and proud of your decisions and all will flow.

4th Always give thanks.

5th Share with others.

You can call God what you want, but be clear about the fact that right is right, wrong is wrong and were are warned of false prophets…

You are what you will and all is seen. Be good as general rule. Be loving as you can know that Light always wins…

The path you choose now will be the path of the rest of your life.

Give, love, laugh,learn grow…your Sexy Spiritual Synergist Grege(Auntie Grege)

Mother Earth Grege

June 6, 2010

She Cries…we take.

We ignore our own fate.

She whispers please stop, we ignore and  take.

The cold is confused,the sun starts to scortch… How long before we listen?  when she pushes  back, by force?

KNow we make a difference in what we do, see and are. We are all truly one  step near or far.

Be Kinder to your neighbor for they may have water to share.

Be helpful to your brethren… we  too can die the same,  as a wave covers land, with fear.

Stop take heed, listen and grow our DNA, Kinetic energy, love or hate..still will flow.

Will you be ignorant till it takes your home or will you listen, all, make a difference and passthis liitle poem?

Pay attention MOM is calling  LOVE YOU SEER. Grege

I know the answers will you follow the flow?


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