I constantly share words of wisdom and love you are what you see and we are what we state and see…


I am gifted…clearly the answers must be heard and the solutions are in the unity…our words prayers and efforts combined will heal this effort. it begins with us… to know how join my efforts with prayers love and a constant flow of solution energy vs. fear, harmful words and anger…What I see is solutions for us all…

GreenGrege see and will this effort with me as we realize we have one earth… it is no longer their problem it is ours Let’s be the solution…LOVE GREGE

.. as an empath and seer we see more than we choose… I hope they show me the solution as well…they told me,”Water, Water, Water”

We recently have gone thru a traumatic experience and once again had to dig deep.

Funny how envy, jeoulosy, threats and group hate can befall one w/ o clue.

I am a pillar of strength, you are a pillar of strength, we are chosen to serve and be more…

As these lessons seem as though they are so unfair and cause such unneeded energy.

I see!

Isee! and I See, even more of my own calling and life purpose.

They will never hurt a survivor, they will never win against a vicim, they will never get away with lies, they will never win!

They have chose the wrong ones to target, we are destined for greatness and will always be that no matter what, who, when, why, or where…we are.

You remember this message is a sign, a call, a test  and an experience that in life will be needed.

No man doing wrong for personal gain ever wins, things are not as they seem, and you may be placed in time at a certain point to overcome another…trust in the inner most truth of Universal God…this is where all that is reigns…Hear the spirt of Synergy  Love Grege No weapons will befall our house.

Sometimes in life we have to realize that we are experiencing events that are a tool to teach us a greater lesson later.

WE can look back at the experience and not make the same choices, not be the same person, not view it the same.

Be more, be better, be different.

Life is not how you fail, how you hurt, what you do wrong or right…

How you get up from that fall, how you rise in transition.

What you bring to the table of life and offer as a result.

That is what life is!!! You…

Praise you and your accomplishments!

Look around and see love, light, serenity, bliss, peace, growth and abundance…I DO!!!!!!!! Loving Sister Grege

Just let it Be Grege

May 12, 2010

Sometimes we have to let it be.

The hardest things is to let it be.

The simplest thing is to let it be.

People want things the way they want them, so instead of fighting to have something that is not there.

Just let it be.. If they steal, let them…they know they are insufficient.

If they lie, let them they too will be lied to and about..

If they hurt they too will be hurt by another..

Leave room for the wrath that life sees…

You worry about you…Hear what the spirit is saying…Love always Grege

I truly care and pray and will and am for you…are u?

The New you GreGe

May 3, 2010

The New you!!!!!!

I see change in your eyes, I   your life, I see love in your spirit, I see prosperity to and for all I see bountiful awareness in everything encountered… I see this, I see this, I see this… Don’T  You?  SoW it!

Take it in and accept that there is a brighter day and it is the  moment you choose to see it! See It, as they speak to me.. I share my light with you… share your love with me, it is how we all grow….GregE

Love’s Garden Grege

May 2, 2010

Love is like a world we grow, a garden of our favorite and needed things.

We trust what we put in as seeds, will grow with fervor, ripe and edible, full of color and taste fueled with all that the source has put in to it.

Good Stock.

Good Seeds.








My garden is full of love and all I stated, all I am and all I do. My life is a reflection of that and I invite you to reflect on your garden, what have you put in as seeds? What do you sow?

Look at your life, your relationship, your family, your relationship with Mother Earth, God, Universal Life.

Then you can grow better seeds. Or Be Thankful to all for all.

Peace and love seeds Grege

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