Old is New Grege

February 28, 2010

Some of our old ways were not so bad after all, and others were unbelievable!!!!!!!!!

As we grow through our journey and see who we really are, it is important to be, you.

Who are you?

I am Grege, loving Seer, caring friend, Wondrous business alliance, and Keewlest Mom:)

Conscious Light worker,Medium, Seer, Healer, Educator,Muse…

Loving You…Grege

Grege Synergy Truth

February 23, 2010

To tell the truth is to be honest within yourself and others.
It does not mean that others have to accept it.
It is your truth.
This is where we make a mistake about our own personal journey.
It is our story.
Knowing what is in your spirit may not necessarily be for another.
Pushing your point about feelings, religion,finances,politics and life, is just not worth
the aggravation, to you or to others.
I understand there are needs to to be met, we just urge you to consider the price.
Consider the effect and consider the laws that govern us.
Resistance = Persistence.
In Loving successful abundant light GreGE

The Push Grege

February 17, 2010

Be the flow of your outcome.

You and your success is determined by the way you perceive it.

We all have had unfortunate experiences and it is our job to learn for m them.

Look at yourself and see where ow were wrong, see what your reaction was.

How can you make  a difference?

How can you change to and for yourself which aids the greater good?

How can you be more?

What you put out comes back and being selfish breed that too.

Helping is easy, love flows, kindness grows to heights beyond your understanding.

I am here for a reason and I am talking to you…

Love of self and love of usGreGE

Coming Soon! the book…

Sex Grege

February 8, 2010

Allowance of Sex is a topic in which so many ponder.

The question is not the main focus,SEX.

It is the intent behind the act.The definition by which you view it.

It is the clarity in which you display it impersonally,personally, privately, exhibiting as so forth.

So, as you discuss, debate, think about the nature of sex. Think beyond the walls. Sex to each of us is a personal blueprint of our experiences in this journey.

Sexual, I am, healthy, I am, beautiful and secure I am…. now you….

KNow that and then healthy results can be shared.

Loving Sexy Light to and fro be pleased, please and enjoy the moments that intimacy offers.

It is a gift treat it with respect…Grege

So many people have the same ritual.
They have the same thought patterns and comfort zones in their daily cycle.
There is nothing wrong with the black and white, logical ways some move about.
It is important to remind us that there are those of us  that are colors, we may move about more freely and unconventionally.
They are both correct.
The beauty is in the   acceptance of each others differences.
What would color be without black and white? and vice versa?
Nothing…. so be open and open willing to  understand the differences that form us and others.

This is the beauty that makes them unique.

UN the spirit Grege

Be You and see U Grege

February 6, 2010

Half the battle is in your thought process. It is wonderful,it can change, it is absolutely the way you see it. See abundance in love, health, prosperity,friendship,and all that you desire.The key is to not “if”, “then”,yourself…”NOW, NOW, NOW!!!!!!….
It is here because you are, too….
Love, Prosperity, Health, Wealth, all the support we need GreGE…is so.

All is possible my dear friends…

Shake off the feelings of mundane rituals..

Believe that is a bright , cheery , beautiful day and something very special will happen.

Take charge of your life, take control of you…

Be responsible for every thought and action.

You will see results of prosperity,clarity,new beginnings,and support in all you do.

Ai High.

Aim big, be more than even you expected.

This will be so, united we are, united we stand, together we flow…

Sexually, Spiritually and synergistically….Grege


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