Feel the path GreGe

January 31, 2010

As we grow we feel the unknown the unexplained.

We may not understand the reasons.

We may question people, events, former teachings and belief systems.

We may question our God, our Selfish decisions, our choices we make and made.

We are students, teachers, creators,guides and part of life.

We are, what we are, we are here, to be more, we are here to give and we are here to learn as we make mistakes.

We are not perfect yet perfect in the creator’s eyes.

So be who u r, be what u r, b what u can, somebody is appreciating your contribution.

You are important and ever more…Love u …Love and light GreGe

Source Energy GreGe

January 29, 2010

So, what is your source?
How do you share your gifts?

How do you contribute to the greater good?

What is your purpose?

Why do you seek the knowledge?

Ask yourself the questions to seek the answers.

They may come from many different outlets and be given in many different ways.

I urge you to be clear to receive the answers, for w/o clarity and inner direction and shared guidance you will miss the messages that are most important to you and us.

We all must be a part of the whole…

As I grow in spirit ,those connected will grow as they grow we all become more responsible.

So continue to ask, seek, grow, and express. Be sure to abide by the karmic rules or realize the price.

Loving guidance GreGe

Be you…Grege

January 27, 2010

If we unite… we thrive in Peace.

God, All God Choices reveals in the gathering of us.

I trust in my gift as you should trust in yours. Each and every person has their own space and place in the Universe.

Get the strife out of your person,  out of your camp and village, and it shall be a beautiful message in your everyday occurrences.

You will see a beautiful life experience.

Live, Love Light GreGe

Change your view, Change your mind

Change your thought process and manifest more of the positive.

Think of  how easy it will  all become, since you see your manifestations.

If you have to write it down and read and re-read your own dreams, passions, plans and desires, till you get them.


Manifesting happiness and not mundane silliness is our part as a family member.

…it will be more and more relevant in time, love  and see GreGe

Change is natural GreGe

January 22, 2010

Some fear change…

Some dislike movement, without control …

Some don’t look beyond their noses to see, that all is a never-ending,

natural wave of movement.

Nature has her seasons as do the ways of life.

We are the only beings that stray from the ease of life and her natural flow.

Remember, people, patterns, music, all is merely a reason, season or lesson, which is  part of the whole experience.

How do you contribute to the essence of life and thread that binds us as one?

I know how I do, by Loving you GreGe

Beauty in and out GreGe

January 20, 2010

Beauty is exuded thru many mediums.

I see beauty in the breeze of a tree as it passes thru the leaves.

I see beauty in a smile of an elderly person.

I see beauty in a child looking at his or her parent.

I see beauty as I glance and catch another’s eye.

I see beauty in the accomplishment of a song, that breathes a beat of strength. and unity.

I see beauty as we come to eachothers aid …during tragedy and sorrowful times.

I see beauty in coming together for the greater good of all.

I see beauty in  Mother Earth as she sings her song…

I see beauty in and around the Universe in all shapes, forms and sizes.

I see beauty in you, I see you… I see Change, A BEAUTIFUL CHANGE GreGe.

Energy is ever moving.

Yin Yang, Positive, Negitive… an so on…

We are the culture of change and change is upon us.

What we do is urgent, as mother nature is calling.

So, I stress to be kinder, pray more, remember what you put out is received.   The spread  of love is a cause, that  is a very important ripple, of love around the Universe, and that is the effect.

Please understand that we are no longer able to hurt without healing.

Do w/o results.

See, you make a difference. I make a difference because you read my messages, thus, we make a bit of change to our World and how it receives us.

We see the wrath of our collective behavior. So, be the change in our collective effect.

I Grege, profess to share love and belief to all, what do you profess for the greater good?

Loving before destruction is easier than the clean up… GreGE

Tired of the OLd GamesGrege

January 15, 2010

If your heart is not jumping w/Joy and you are not oozing with overwhelming happiness because of another persons actions.

Jump Ship……. and get to being happy. Life is abundant and way too short..

The control is yours and as I speak i see.. You need to hear this as we grow together…

Love thy self…

In loving Light ya gal Grege

Deep Prayer and loveGrege

January 13, 2010

At this time we pray for recovery and heal the huge void as our brothers and sisters suffer.

Not one suffers we all suffer…

Take a moment to be thankful and realize it could be you and very well, may be a family member, that is affected..

Wycleff Jean is Haitian, my grandfather was part Haitian , too…

So see we do all know someone suffering at this time nd are to pray synergistically as one…. We heal.

Heal the World Grege

Be Blissful!  Bliss is extreme happiness; ecstasy. Spiritual joy and  a fulfilling content connection.


Be Opulent!.  Opulent is having or indicating wealth; abundance or plenty.


Be Joyous! Joy is having a happy nature or mood or feeling.

Be Joyous!…

I wish you in good and be blissful, opulent and joyous in all you do and are love continue Grege


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