New Beginnings Grege

December 31, 2009

Nothing is more important than reflection..and positive change.

What did you see that did not change in you and your circumstances last year?

As we look back at friends, family, work, diet, overall improvements or the lack there of, we see…

See changes you made and some that were intended.

See in yourself what you were successful at.

See in yourself what you left behind.

See those memories of those we lost and those that healed.

See growth in a child and age and wisdom in an elder.

See people who move and some who grow closer.

see new parts of yourself that you never knew and parts you wish to change.

See love in humans and all of life and see where ou can make a difference.

See the words that we have shared over a year, Grow and the spread of its flow through out the world.

See yourself as a part of a family doing positive things through mere thoughts and self-expression…

I see you… loving , prosperous, strong, wise and fearless Synergy in the New Year… GregE

We are one Grege

December 28, 2009

I saw Avatar… It is a must see… Go with your family….

Funny the visions I have said similar things…

We are all connected.

Our actions will be affecting the whole.

So when you see yourself as different… you are not.

When we se ourselves as lone… we are not.

When you think you care , “get over” you are not…

When you hurt another, you too,  will be hurt.

When you lie you will be lied too.

I see similar energy gravitating to and from its source….

So, I ask you my dear sexy synergists… what do you identify yourself with?

Love, caring, sharing, happy, healthy beautiful thoughts or…?

See more than just what you want, see the price

Loving synergy Grege

Happy Holidays Everyday to you and Yours.

I see blessings, quiet times w/ loved ones or the memories of those that passed on…

I see kind gestures and reminders of all our religious beliefs convening at this time.

I see helping each other, sharing and caring, that should continue beyond a Holiday.

I see hope for a brighter future…

I see agreeing to disagree about our differences and loving regardless…

I see reaching out to each other and friends and family we have not seen or heard.

I see opening ourselves to all possibilities and listening to God source…

I see fun, change, and support… it is so…

… I really do have  a gift and what I see is real so

Love you and appreciate you Grege

True You Grege

December 22, 2009

When we desire to grow and better ourselves, then it is so.

The never-ending desire to be more is the pure core nature of our beings…

Desire to grow, fight to m be more nd stay humble along the way…

A sin is bt y not doing so and believing that you are less than you are destined to be…

loving growth and continuous flow.. Love  Grege


December 20, 2009

So many things to read, so much to learn and grow, where do we go from here, I found some very interesting info about Apple coming out with a new net book, by12/ 09 and Samsung working on a even faster computer.
What I am about is how we moms fit all this info into our daily lives while keeping up with these techy, giga cyberyspace, children and wrapping religion all around it.
I chooses to chose. I chose foundation, enjoyment, Figi water, organic foods, Apple and Macboks, Cindy Crawford’s bare essentials skin care and other’s and will bring the truth to you about life. MY life.The Life as a sexy spiritual green geek mom…and so now I understand why Eddie Murphy dated me for years I m just plain Intelligent…
Love you all and will bring more intelligence from the other side…

Create or… GregE

December 20, 2009

Intend to create, intend to be all that you can and are.

Will a smile rather than a frown, even by laughing at yourself thru your tears.

Nod a kind gesture as a person cuts  u off, rather than cursing and carrying the anger throughout your day.

Think about the position of another’s view,verses knowing your way is right all the time.

Be open and try to grow as  body of life, be responsible.

Suffering is a choice…

Creation is the will of God Source and Universal law…

Do your part and be responsible by your actions, we all are watching and feel the difference…

I love you, for me it is simply , THE WAY…. Grege

Laws Grege

December 18, 2009

Driving up the highway to say goodbye to a dear friend…

I thought of how so many take life for granted, how many will never change their ways, how fortunate I am that I never learned the laws of deception,lies and sick personal gain…

I warn you deeply, as my spirit stays close to source, God.

Trust and know that what you put out, you will surely reap.

Leave room for learning the lesson and be clear that no gesture goes unaccounted.

Clear your mind, open your heart and be accountable for your participation as a whole.

In constant loving light, surrounded in love for you and I Grege

Life gives us beautiful  flowers and even they will soon  wilt and die…God gave Charlie a flower and I am sorry to announce, it is true that she has passed in her sleep last night. The Murphy family is part of my family for many years and we all feel the loss when the Lord calls calls us home. I love you Charlie….

Thank you all for your condolences and warmest prayers…

Charlie’s wife, Tisha Taylor Murphy, passed last night peacefully in her sleep.

In loving light and prayers  your sister Grege

Success Grege

December 12, 2009

Success is what you have, havent you noticed?

I am successful, you are successful, we are all successful and the universal ears are open, my spirit guides keep me up al night to say…

Believe Grege, this is how we show you our neverending or dying love and what you are doing is in alignment with where you are  at this time…Embrace the moment aand share this message..and so I am.

Love  you and life Grege Happy Holidays to all nations and religions, race, creed, gender and ethnicity.

Change is here.

Attracting Love Grege

December 10, 2009

We all have been in  relationship that may have been long-term, that ended.

This leaves us in a state of  confusion, guilt, anger among many other  different emotions.

Healing the heart takes time.

Trusting the laws that govern us, know that this is a moment in time and you will attract what you see before you.

The key is to forgive yourself and the others, release them form karmic baggage that has nothing to do with you.

You are here to continue to be happy, love and be loved.

Life is abundant and creating opportunity t all times.

It is never over, it is just another event.

The pain, yes that we all have felt. Begins to ease when you  decide to be…

Just be..

As the thoughts continue to flood your head, simply change your way of thinking…

As I open myself to the guides of love that speak through my spirit, I am reminded we are all here to comfort, share, care and love.

Even if it is against your way…try…

it works and the rewards might surprise you…

Continued self and sharing light and love Grege


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