The world is listening and the trinity of 11,11,11 is a date in which we will only experience two times between 2000 and 2017.
This is a very important numeric pyramid to call forth Global love and unity. Know that as we see for one mere sec. a breath of togetherness and no difference then it will and can be so.
I thank God for world peace,multidimensional understanding and forces beyond our wildest dreams to be supportive in life,togetherness,happiness and health.
I do see the possibilities and do know anything is possible.
Love Grege., soon products to be a part of, share,contribute, teach and supported by all of us. ONEFORCE…

Greatness is… Grege

November 29, 2009

I see greatness in all… look around and see greatness in love, writing, music, art, lovemaking,friendship, making deals, watching a person speak…
I see greatness… do u?

Who you are by Grege

November 28, 2009

Do you know who you are?

Have you ever stopped long enough to look and see who you are?

Being sure about what you bring to the table, secure about your thoughts and dreams.

Quietly reintroducing yourself to your religious views and how they fit into your life.

Able to share voice and opinion, what ever you feel.

Falling in love is a possibility,and the openness to what that may mean,

What colors you like and why.

Are u happy or sad most of the time?

 What did u do to ensure success?

Think and think again and be complete in your natural ability of self….

Getting through it all, good and bad.

Loving trustful secure light Grege


Be thankful and know that all pain, all suffering, all good and bad times are a moment passing through.
You are not them, they have no dominion over you…
You are strong, happy, and full of life and light, in all that you do.
Be thankful of even the miserable people, for they are a tool of experience to push you further.
They are a reminder of what you are leaving behind and what you re not!
Thanks to you, and you are welcome.. yin nd  yang by Grege

We are vain!
Nothing wrong with bit of vanity,, it’s why you do your hair…or don’t
Sexual attraction is the very core of our universe.
We look and feel good to please ourselves, others, and because it is an innate part of who we are.
We are never to be ashamed of our beauty, bodies, sensual, sexual selves…
There is intimacy in the Bible, “Books of Songs”, in the Koran, and Torah, Veda and many more…
So follow the beauty of your make up and don’t let society and the devil, people, or any one tell you are not breathing!…
I realized that to be happy is to accept all of who I am and not t let anything that is normal and the reason we even exist be shameful…..
Be beautiful!, Be sexual, Be you…Loving and sexualspiritualsynergy!Grege

We come in many shades, white, black, red, mahogany, yellow…
WE differ, yet that is the beauty…
We are responsible to appreciate the beauty in each and every one of us…
We are responsible to get our old ways of thinking and create some  more open-minded ones…
We must be there from each other to continue to grow..
If we keep blind faith, separatism and ignorance as our Farther…
Then we die foolish and unhappy…
I am a woman! I am a woman of color, I am beutiful in the eyes of God, Allah, Jehova, etc.
I am created in her likeness and so are you…
So how come we re so busy telling each other they are ugly, by the way we treat another is the wy we want to be treated..
Listen my words are strong, my voice is heard all over the world, my love and visions for all of our futures are rel…
Real life, really, equality, real change, real family.. God shows favor and blows prosperity in your direction…
Change a small thing today and see a huge difference tomorrow..
Loveing light  Blessing you through visions and prayers Grege

When u make love Grege

November 21, 2009

When u make love there is a unique difference that happens…

Your body gets rhytmic and there are no thoughts that happen…

Thoughts may come across your mind but your body should be in sync with your partner.

 Many think they are Great lovers but unless you are being pleased and pleasing…

Then your not.

 Men love oral sex, so ladies learn to enjoy it…

Women love to orgasm more than once so no sleeping s soon as you come…

Just some friendlsy sex talk…. Grege

In loving light and passsionate love making Grege



Sex and Energy GregE

November 18, 2009

Authentic self, True, trueful, trust,unconditional, attached to none, that is not important.I find so many miss the truth and need direction becuse they are so busy being for self and not the greater good.

 There is nothing wrong with your desires and needs, but at the expense of another, is bad karma… Think it through.

Sex is a gift, so are you there to please or be pleased. or deos pleasing give u pleasure????

The equation can  be applied in all areas of life.

Work, Family, freindships, daily activity.

 I love and feel for real, to lie, is  simply not worth the browney points…

 alwys loving light and sexualspiritualsynergy Grege





November 12, 2009

To be purposeful means to make a contribution, life is not always what you get but what you give. Authentic of yourself, equals just that, in areas you wish to receive it…
Loving Light Grege

Healing the wounds GregE

November 9, 2009

We all have scars, we all have had wounds…

Notice, to rid yourself of unwanted experiences, people, and  thoughts .

One must change inside first.

Change who you are,what you are, why you re and what you are drawing to your own existence.

Do you keep enabling a person, yet blame them?

Do you play the victim?

Do you fear change?

Do you trust God, yet don’t have faith?

You must not be afraid of the blessings and life that is out there…

The only reason you don’t grow is because you choose to stay…

I see change, before it is too late….I believe in you.

 Loving Lightworker and friend Grege


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