Your Talents by Grege

October 26, 2009

In Life we all have unique talents, some are great lovers, some great listeners, some great healers and some just great!

By closely looking at what you do well will help you to be your destiny.

While we travel the road of life and so much enters into our consciousness and spirits, we must remain focused, now more importantly.

Also. true to our core values, respectful of our brothers and sisters is more necessary since karma is at full throttle.

As we grow we define and fine tune our rightful places. Rightful, means your particular unique space of greatness.

So as God speaks to and thru me , I urge you to just open yourself and be very aware of the times and messages, careful not to fall victim to false prophets.

You gut will tell you who is real and who is un-real for your path.

There is no wrong or right just choice for self.

Enjoy because life is a true creation every second, how we create is what gives us life.

Your unique space is solely yours.

Live, love, surround self with loving, protective light Grege

Do then Tally by GregE

October 22, 2009

In life we often want, desire, need, yearn, and forget that we have…

I find when I share intimate guidance, with dear friends and family, they often don’t realize that what they are trying to achieve  is manifested.

It is perspective…

Your perception of you, is who you are and what becomes.

Keep it clear and don’t keep score along the way and you may actually receive your dreams properly.

Knowing it is so, rather than judging it or someone else is key.

If you miss the process and stay focused solely on the results, then how much did you miss?

Take these simple guided messages and apply them in your relationships.

When you change how you play the game, it is much more fun.

So many have to win, they miss teaching their children and selves, the joys of living as, and the playing of, the game of life.

Listen to the voice inside, in your gut, this is where the truth lies.

In abundant, prosperous, unfailing, generous, loving light, Grege

God is everywhere…Together we are…

Use what you have by Grege

October 19, 2009

Life gave you tools,. opportunities and your experiences…use them

They are your jewels…Loving growth and light Grege

Be easy to succeed Grege

October 18, 2009

In life as it gets fast and real  busy, don’t forget the jewels that got you here, they are most important now!

So many are not listening. Trust in what you know from source. Thank you, karma, not quite so important to sweat the small stuff….are tools.

my messages matter…you matter, so make all that you do matter for the right reasons.

Love lives… Grege

Reflect by Grege

October 14, 2009

Do you see what you desire in your life?

Do you see tons of unwanted expressions.. fights, negative financial experiences, relationship issues, health issues etc?


Change your thoughts about life! what you see is very simply what you get…

I see soooooooooo much for you it is too brilliant to express…can you see it?

Healing…done, financial blessings…done,dreams acquired…done,feeling love back and able to give of it w/o fear…done, anything and everything….done!

Love, peace, see, be… Grege

Change by Grege

October 12, 2009

the best way to realize you are changing in your life is to look into your own surroundings and at the friends you either have or don’t..
Not having the same friends, views, worldly desires is not always a bad thing.
Grege, Loving change and growth of self and others.

Full Circle by Grege

October 9, 2009

Things often come full circle, or we often see that people from our past re-enter, or pass thru at times.

We can will, wish, hope or foresee them.

So, ask your self why?

Was something needed, unresolved, unfinished,  simply left undone?

…as you have one of these experiences, look at the force behind it.

Once , “it”, occurs be ready!

Life gives second chances…but it is up to us to be ready!

I am, and will be, will you! Be that dream?

Living my life’s plan, passions and purpose, Grege

Appreciation laws by Grege

October 7, 2009

Believe you are there and see it, feel , it taste it and be it!
and it is so!!!
my gifts are so strong at this point I can manifest for you….
as a part of this group, I see only dreams clear and destined.
match my thoughts for you.
for I…
We are all one vibrational force and however we choose to see things is how they will be.
I am responsible to you as I am for self…
God , God source speaks as you and I are chosen to listen.
So be happy, be in love, beloved back, be successful…
Loving and growing every moment Grege


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