Sexual Pangs! by Grege

September 12, 2009

So let’s talk sex…

When you meet   a person and that funny feeling in your stomach tells you that this could be interesting… either venture or don’t.

Sex is a gift…

 Sex is for spiritual connectedness that one should value.

 Making love, going hard, petting, teasing, or fantasizing is one of the most cherished gifts you have to give and get.

 It is often not valued in this way.  Many believe thay are, “getting some”( which we all need and do), but at what price? Your soul?

 The price is you!

 Each and every time your “do It!”, remember you give allllllllllll of you. to tht person, whom you know or don’t…

 At that very moment you give your body, fluids, energy, heart, mind, spirituality and much more to that person and( drum roll), receive theirs….( yucky)!!!!

 You pick up spiritual baggage… or spiritual serenity that is beautiful and shared…

 This is why it is wiser to have one partner, or at least grow to share a common ground of values with your lover, s… so that that stuff and all those before youand them,  don’t become your stuff.

After any and all sexual exchange, one should bathe a rid of unwanted energy that you have picked up and prayerfully be thnkful for what you received and protected by what is unwanted…

“God, release me of all sexual binds that another may have for me and my friends, may you  bring only the sanctity of gifts and equal or better feelings and experiences as we embark in lovemaking as part of our cardinal life.”

 I see laws of attracting better, helthy, compssionate( and rough), beautiful, sexual experiences for those that are in


 We all mke mistakes and attempts to give nd receive love, sex…

 Be carful you don’t confuse the two…

I love you Grege…

3 Responses to “Sexual Pangs! by Grege”

  1. isaac said

    The true Garden of Eden and Life is in between the Heaven’s Gates ( legs ) of a woman. And therefore in her she brings the gods and goddesses into this Cipher ( world ). Pangs speak of a desire or a feenin senation that must me filled. However, just like the Bible teaches us that Eve fell victim to the suggestions of the devil, and thru that action Man and Women fell from grace. Does those Pangs lead her into giving up her prize possession to a Savage? who speaks with 2 faces, who she can’t see because her Pangs have blinded her? look around, look how the devil wispher suggestions into the hearts and minds of a people who lead themselves to the SLAUGHTER HOUSE…

    • Grege said

      I thank you for your wisdom, I know in my spiritual mind, body and spirit, words are what you make them. Words are not as we are taught, solely…
      Pang means desire, desire for a man, life of child. More does not have to be a gateway for the devil and if, Adam. ( Like Abraham and Job), had listened to his own spirit “holy voice, then, “we”would not have fell. How easy it is to trust words that were changed thru time denoting women…The fault lies in Adam, not Eve. The ruler, the man of the home(garden), should know what to do or not…
      So, if you go thru life blaming Eve, thus Eve the Devil, “made me do it”‘ then you will be held accountable for your and their actions. I listen to the Holy Spirit w/i me and react from there. Learning from the lessons others made before me.
      Pang of desire is used to reach Satan’s followers and lead them to God… God source enlightenment…
      If your listening to your true spirit and read the context you would have heard the message of God.
      I don’t and won’t ever be anything except what I am… a vessel for the Lord, and all Light..!
      If I say,”Pang” and five million follow then “pang I will say”, The lord knows whay he made me in his image as a beautiful, sexually desirable woman, smart and able to reach those that draw to solely the flesh.
      As my friend, you know my heart and wisdom… Trust in not what you think you know, but what your spirit is telling you and ask me first.
      Judge not for the Lord has his purpose in all of us.
      I know mine and my journey.
      Thank you for watching , caring and loving me enough to share.
      I am going to the depths, to bring to the light, Brother…
      Miss talking to you…

    • Grege said

      All words are what they mean to us. I know my spirit and I know My God and I know what my spirit says to me. Bering a woman of God, you know when you are called to do the works… and you do what is called of you and not allow the judgements of others to stop you or sway you. God knows why he/she has asked me to write, heal, share and seer. I know why I allow my spirit, body and mind to share freely and speak as always. I know why I am used in the universe as a beautiful woman who uplifts and shares freely. Let the words flow from my mind and spirt to those who need to hear the beauty they posess, and don’t fear, judge or give way to the demons that would try to use you to misconstrue the message in which I am sharing from my soul. You as my brother should support, hear and know beyond and not be used to judge the language or terms in which I speak. The bible says, read between the lines and hear what the spirt is saying to the church. Allah to the prophets…etc. I know your heart and this is you being heard for your wisdoms… that can be w/o taking from words we share in and out of context. As women has “pangs” she feels eroticism in which is self expression and beautiful. What she does from there is for her to decide and for us to guide. Sexual speech will always be deemed the playhouse for the devil but it is the greatest gift ever given from God to a man and a woman and I will keep it there. Lift up!, see it as such my friend. Love, Live and Laugh and have great sexual pleasures in your journey w/ your LOrd in the MIX. Grege

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