CHANGE Mommyness Grege

August 28, 2009

Today I realized that the change in my life is now, the desires we need to fullfill are already fullfilled, we think we want; and are sure, what we dont want, but I tell you to look in the mirror, be in the moment.

The time is now!!..

We are who and what we are.

Love where you are and be humble and more will follow surely.

But to wish for it constantly is just that, a wish!, You probably have most of it in front of you…

Single mommyness, is great when I can look in the mirror and know I look good, I love my Lord, I understand and appreciate all others for their differences, and i am prosperous in all that I do..

See, my life has been a bit rocky, but It mad me and I love being me.

When we go through pain and suffering it is to build character.

Your life is a perfect design and you can see it as good or bad.

I see absolute, complete euphoria..

There are times you can feel it more, like Birthdays, sexual pleasures, great conversation, spin class, being w family, kids and animals…

there are also many times, in the quiet that God, Universal support and guides help you to grow.

When we share our differences and are not scared to make mistakes then you realize, there were  really none at all.

THey were and are experiences, lessons and events that we must endure to be able to reflect back on, in the future for strength..

So, believe in yourself and know that you WILL pull through, you CAN choose, how you are treated or not, you ARE capable of a better day.

This is know to be true. Since, I had the abusive man, I had the violations, drugs, pain, jealousies… Yea and I pulled through… I wear the breastplate of righteousness, and so do u…

So, as i cleanse and write my memories of good and bad times.

I urge you to learn from yours and know that God only gives you what you can bare.

I must be destined for greatness because I have had soo much pain I could  sell it!!!

You are more to me than people I actually thought were “friends”.. because through pain we are brought to a common ground of love, appreciation and hummility.

Loving space, Mommyness, Sexy , Spiritual, Synergist… Grege

My Son…

August 28, 2009

Birth to be reborn, born anew. Day, New light, new day, new chance, one mo time, ok againnnn… My son… my life, the reasons I do what I do and drive to be more.. Single motherhood is not so bad when God blesses you with the perfect man… Esteban.. My Son… Happy birthday Son… Love mom.Grege

No More Insecurities Grege

August 26, 2009


We all have them!

I find it interesting g when so many say, “I am not Insecure” Insecurity is a feeling of general unease or nervousness that may be triggered by perceiving oneself to be unloved, inadequate or worthless (whether in a rational or an irrational manner).

A person who is insecure lacks confidence in their own value and capability, lacks trust in themselves or others, or has fears that a present positive state is temporary and will let them down and cause them loss or distress by “going wrong” in the future.

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! DID you read that? (thanks Wiki)

In so many ways we are, in secure, we all are.

Ask yourself do u blame others?

Do you keep getting into unwanted relationships? Or stay in an unhealthy one?

Do you keep feeling like your parents made you this way?

Do you keep blaming everyone because they don’t understand you?

Do you cry a lot alone?

Do you feel like everyone is out to get you?

Do you have to put on tons of fly gear, or makeup, just to go to the store?

Do you sabotage relationships and business deals  before it can even start?

Do you need to be King, Queen, Head of it allllll!!!!

Well let me be the dear friend that breaks the news, YOU ARE INSECURE, TOOO!

So let’s look at how to heal this.

Know your Bible, Koran,( Religious Book),know your higher power’s rules.  Know that you attract thus unwanted feelings more so by fear.

THE DEVIL< NEGATIVITY and dark forces are LIARS!!!!!!!

Facing fears and issues will dissipate their power…

Yes, even people, can be put  here to hold you back and feed off your insecurities, sent in the form of a friend, lover or opportunity.

I love u and  I Am here, Hey, I am no different in life’s lessons, just  willing to take off the mask to heal share and grow as one! Love and light , protection in prayer and armor, Grege

WE Can Grege

August 25, 2009

When things seem as though you just can’t take (ache) anymore, Sit, stop, and pray, meditate breath… Believe that whatever is going on is not going on… The Devil, negativity is all a lie!!!!!!! We go through it, to go to it!!!! It is our destiny to be, do and have strength and success and al desired. Without obstacles there would be no contrast which is resolution… In Gods, all positive, Universal laws of love and light and abundance and unity and strength we are and we do… U CAN PULL THROUGH!!!!! VICTORIOUSLY! Love Grege

Honesty BY Grege

August 18, 2009


So many people have a problem with this very important word.

Honesty is to be truthful with yourself and others.

Honest about your feelings.

Honest about how you may not feel about things.

Honest about your intentions.

Honest about insubordination.

Honesty! About everything.

Honesty, about, how much omitting you have done of   the whole story.

Honest with your wife/husband.

Honesty to our friends, and family.

Honesty is not conveniently leaving it out for your own gain.

99.9% of the people of this world Lie! Everyone is lied to…


Honesty sets you free, the other people around you may not want or like the truth but it is, God’s way, and Honestly, I think it is time to do it for your own self growth and the laws of attraction that govern us.

I honestly am pretty honest are you?

I hope to be more honest and receive this as a way of life….

Hurtful, sometimes…

Less hurtful,  later…

Honest, Grege

In my life I personally have not had many honest relationships, I have always been pretty honest depending on the stage in which it started to fall apart.

Most that are honest become liars as the relationship or experience changes.

Not to excuse the re action but it does help if we all start out and stay honest…

Grege’s Daily thought personally….

Do You Know You? Grege

August 17, 2009

How are you doing? Do you know what color is your favorite? Do you know how you feel about religion and what your choices truly are? Do you know what things you do you are fully responsible for Do you realize the impact you make? Do you want to be noticed or not? Do you love your family? Do you like your friends? Do you know yourself? Do you like yourself? Do you love yourself? Why? Hold on to these valuable answers, they could be the beginning of you knowing you. I love myself, it took many years. But through self evaluation comes love for others and change. Try it, we really don’t have a choice/ In loving Light for the world and all that it contains, Grege

August 15, 2009

Daily Message:The moment, is now, the time you succeed, is now, to buy that item, is now, to look beautiful, is now, to fall in love, is now, to be all u are, is now, to know who u r ,is now, to choose your direction, is now, to focus, is now, to take a chance, is now, to make a difference, is now, to love each other, is now, to care about what you feel in your heart ,is now. To impact and believe is now…

Loving Go, Do, Be, It is now!!!!!…

None can covet what God, Universe, Allah, Buddha or your chosen faith, has in store for you…U are unique. You are meant!

May God bless the passing of our dear friend and sister Audra Jackson…R.I.P


Daliy Single Mom: I woke up and realized I have to keep going no matter what, How I feel what or what does not happen is up to me. Cleaning the house to paying the bills, shaving the legs to guiding my Boy, Esteban.

Life does not always have the answers but , the   answers are right in front of you at all times. We just  choose to see them or not. My belief is noty to fret. I just have to keep being strong, pushing through and believe that the greatest person may oave so much interesting stuff going on..

r may not show up, I will be ok anyway, and I will succeed in all i do because of my faith, strength and tenacity.

It will get interesting, since I am in the entertainment business and have so much interesting stuff going onYou will learn about Computa my Rap Artist, Esteban, teen age boy who paly ball, is 6’3 and thinks he is the boss, my many friends and family and wisdom through challenges I share.

Thanks stay tuned Grege

Signs of Love… When we send a note to eachother on Facebook and twitter, around the world and say, “hey”… When I see a creamy, white girl, on the Latin populated beach with an African male, embraced and giggling, as if nothing, nor anyone matters. When I see a young kid, give up his seat to an elderly, on the train, with black lips, facial piercings and Gothic attire. When I see our family grow to Thailand, as our new baby girl, “River” is born, reminding us, once she is here, we are forever united in race, and we no longer are separated by color. When we show up to support each other’s events and discover fun and fond memories. As we speak to eachother and reminisce about our past experiences and olden days. As we care for each other’s loved ones during death, illness’ and unfortunate falls. Signs of love are me thinking of my friends and making sure that the day does not go by w/o a chance to say what I feel and hear back from them. Signs of love are us… Continuous laws of attraction, love, synergy and light by Grege

Grege…Plant the seed

August 12, 2009

Planting the seed Plant your seed of dreams. Then water and nurture that dream. Visualize that dream and then see it into manifestation. Do not wither if at first it does not sprout, for in time and belief, it will. This little seed can be the biggest forest you could have ever imagined or the smallest dried ,up, struggling, plant ever. I see, seeds of a wondrous community, strength, support, continuous reciprocated growth…Universally, Globally and effortlessly…for myself, what can I see for you? Pardon me… if I see them same. In continuous, loving, light Grege


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