Family Story

July 18, 2009

There used to be this thing called family.

It really meant a lot.

They were people you loved with and people that were privy to all you secrets and dreams.

They were there for support, love and to rely on.

One day this Thing came a along and took away the day.

The Thing made dad like the girl at work and then mom get so drunk she forgot  that the kids were not at home fed or doing well in school.

Then one of the children got shot sitting on the bench after school. So,   the mom and the dad had to come together to organize the wake.

BY then the thing, was really comfortable and started  to embrace the family’s pain.

The thing grew and grew and grew and before the family knew it they didn’t ever know  each other’s names.

The dead child spoke to God and asked him to help his family.

God sent some angels and the angels started with the source of the problem which was the thing

The angels  showed the dad the girl was a user, they showed the mom that once she comes down from the bottle the feelings she tried to numb were still the same, they showed the kids that there was nothing outside in the streets and that life is a choice and that they had a chance to be everything they dreamed…

The thing got very upset because it was only valuable when no one loved, cared, or was present as a family.

The thing was revealed by the angels and had to move on.

The family let the angels stay and realized what they had done wrong.

If there are things living in your family you might want to realize it before it’s to late.

The roles can change in this little story, dad can drink, mom can cheat, the kids don’t have a chance if you are not present… Allah, Jehovah, Angels, God, and Buddha are all better than THE THING

I suggest you think before the thing does for you…

This is what my spirit wanted to share today… Always loving you and receiving you love too.

Love Grege

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