The Beginning

December 22, 2008

Then there was light. We all came together to be more than we were before. Then we learned that the other was not as we expected. So, we grew. I married a man and found out he was not the man I expected him to be. I grew.When we find in our journey that another is not in the form of what they present themselves to be then we learn the truth. My truth. The others are not informed. Let us all be more informed. My soulmate and husband. Dick Gidron Jr.

Thank God..

December 20, 2008

Cell theory

Do you know that by being intimate or around another for great length of time you share cells w/ them, This is why people that spend many years together, often start to look and act alike…
So while you are kissing, caressing, sharing juices, and baths and beds. Think of Cell Theory…. I heard of it once and thought a little bit closer about who and what I let get so close to MWAHHH… This also applies to animals, Smile.

Yes, Animals… That’s why people look just like their pets….We can only hope it’s because they snuggle…
So go share of yourself, and your cells freely, know that there is a greater part of yourself w/ another, when you are in a relationship.
Think about it… Share some thoughts. Hugs Grege

Cell Theory

December 20, 2008

Cell Theory

Cell theory

Do you know that by being intimate or around another for great length of time you share cells w/ them, This is why people that spend many years together, often start to look and act alike…
So while you are kissing, caressing, sharing juices, and baths and beds. Think of Cell Theory…. I heard of it once and thought a little bit closer about who and what I let get so close to MWAHHH… This also applies to animals, Smile.

Yes, Animals… That’s why people look just like their pets….We can only hope it’s because they snuggle…
So go share of yourself, and your cells freely, know that there is a greater part of yourself w/ another, when you are in a relationship.
Think about it… Share some thoughts. Hugs Grege


December 20, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008


Bliss,   I was just meditating in my beautiful home, my temple…  laying in the dark w/ candles lit, flickering from the breeze outside. I thought of my day, my blessings and how there is no more my, but us… WE, I thought of what I would share next..  I felt  Blissful,so Bliss it is…
.. then i thought,” What is Bliss, Grege?” Bliss is the cool fall breeze blowing on my face thru my window, the sound of leaves as the wind blows and watching them silently trickle in aimless direction as they  fall, the memories of love making , connected , free, safe, uninhibited,as you hold ever so still  a position safly embraced: that the world stops,…,  in silence.

Then, there is the look of those eyes, of your lover or  on a child’s face, trusting and innocent;  the sincere glance while helping a stranger, and that look they give u in return of appreciation, water, warm water, dripping down  your body as you need to feel it’s sensation, sweat dripping from a challenging workout.

And then there is inner peace from a serene feeling, that God gives us as a gift.

Bliss  is sex w/o sin or guilt , the full enjoyment that a mutual exchange and consent can give. Pleasure to give and receive your all.

Understanding of a song and  the meaning, being just for u… feeling every memory that you feel it in your spirit as u laugh or cry… through the lyrics.

Feeling the sexual desires through every limb as your heart beats, wanting to share the feeling.  Knowing that person IS thinking about u just because…  Bliss is LOve, God, Us……WE = Bliss. Hugs Grege     Do you feel it?

Mind, Body, Spirit

December 20, 2008

Mind , Body, Spirit
Current mood:  pure

My thoughts this morning are to ask you to be conscious of your body, really think of this and feel it, Your mind…empty it and just be.  Your spirit, just know it is who you are and getting to understand it is the answer to life.
Love you… Grege

Spiritual Listening

December 20, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Spiritual Listening
Current mood:  quiet
Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Spiritual journeys, I know my spirit speaks to me and God speaks thru me. We all have journeys and a full life to live. Ask yourself are you here to get your lessons and make a difference or are you here to just pass the time?  I have traveled thru many experiences which I will share,  I have come through some difficult and happy times. Relatively speaking they all matter.  I can be of assistance if you open your ears, heart and mind to the possibilites that messages and friends like me have to offer. I decided today how I would open up my blissful space and offer ways in which you too, can tap into your own mission and happiness. Sex thru inner self expression is where we will begin…

Hugs Grege

MY Story

December 20, 2008

Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Story
Current mood:  confident
Category: Romance and Relationships

How can one express the experience that they encounter and the emotions tied into the process? I have been delving into this blog world, while growing openly w/ you invited, into my journey…

See, you don’t know much about me, but unlike most, I am willing to share. Why you ask? Well, I believe, if more people had my views, we would make love rather than war…There is woman that has been asked to think back on her huge blessings and figure out why?, and how?

So, I did and am. I just lived so many  worldly experiences, like I was watching a television program,   this allowed me to be  open to a higher experiences and self.

So, here goes the story of a, “little girl” that grew into a Dragonfly  as a Woman…

Once upon a time there was a very pretty young woman, she was way too smart and pretty for her time and space.

She always felt like everyone else at heart but knew she was special and very different; by the way people treated her. Her unique talents and abundant blessings were mixed w/ obstacles that were always were defeated. That is how I ended up here. It took  patience and a long look and a great will, to be open to messages,  and silent while listening, and feel deep w/I  self; mind body and soul,to come to realization of my journey.

This is my story…  and my message.   I can only hope for you to Stay tuned and share my lessons and insight about my life and how I have come to be so close to Nirvana..

I will post every week on Sunday morning, Be first to feel the message during your week…we can grow together and feel the synergy.

Hugs Grege

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The Connection

December 20, 2008

Monday, December 08, 2008

The Connection
Current mood:  artistic

I started out, the “odd man out”, the “pretty little black shhheeeeeeeep’, “THE REBEL”. See, when I was growing up in Queens, NY being mixed was not as popular as it is today. It was rare; we were unique, different and treated differently. So when I realized this is who I was, I then knew, I was destined to be different. We all realize these truths and this level of inner self and contemplation, when we are ready to listen. I however, started young, and that is how I have come to you. Some of us, do start young.

Sop we begin, I may get deep, but just pretend you are me and living a life as a conscious person. Just caring and thinking about what happens to you and others, what you do and the results and  lessons you get from the experience.

I do know this, I Know that God speaks to me, I have the knowledge, the gift of sight and the power to make a difference. I understand spiritual sense is natural. The key to all of our existence, is love; and through being open to possibilities, I have learned to follow the flow of natural choice verses resistance.

Ask yourself. How often do you resist who are and what you, already know about yourself? I am always asking myself these questions and that is how I grew to inner sexual understanding, the connections and evolved to the messages of God’s will.

Now, I know you are wondering how I  have tied the two together. How and why I feel the passion to express my journey, experiences and message.   We’ll see, if I don’t then I am not doing God’s will and healing myself and others through my experiences. So, it’s about caring. I care about healing. I healed myself and did it w/ God as my source. Now I would like to share the message and gifts I have learned…

If I told you in a very few words, I would be cheating you of the experience of time, trust and learning slowly , with me. Don’t you want to give power to your self? If you are any thing like me and have made so many foolish mistakes sexually and sometimes blaming God. Then You are here for a reason.

Till next week…Ponder, be ok,  and be guiltless while you experience incorporating God in your love life.

Hugs Grege

Hello world!

December 18, 2008

Bettie Page, Queen of Pinups, Dies at 85

Bettie Page, the queen of sexual prowess passed away on Dec, 11, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. We lost one of our fore mothers, an iconic woman and a pioneer of the sexual revolution. She died just last week of heart failure. Bettie Page, was the first face of an industry, wherein women would become sexy for profit. She was a legendary 1950’s pin up girl, and would pave the way for the sexual movement of the 60’s. Bettie, was a rare talent, who was noted for her stunning beauty. She is remembered for her racy nude photos in bondage scenes, and edgy fashion attire. Bettie’s trademarks were her raven bangs, spiked heels and her vivacious killer curves. She embodied freedom of expression and was known the world over.

Bettie Page, was also a major influence in the fashion industry, and a target of congressional anti-pornography investigations, which lead her to twice seek the supposed legitimacy of marriage. Both unions were unsuccessful, and she grew more and more depressed. This ultimately resulted in her withdrawing from the public eye for almost thirty years.

Some fifty years later, she would reemerge through the imagination of an aspiring cartoonist, who featured her as the girlfriend of, The Rockateer. She would also be a noted spiritual collaborator of, Rev. Billy Graham, and her Bettie Page haircut would be paid homage by Quentin Tarrantino and Uma Thurman in their hit, Pulp Fiction. As always, she remained on the edge of trend, and culture. Her website is where you can find more information, and see the cartoon character of Bettie Page. Bettie was a pioneering woman of hotness, spirit, vision, strength, and impact. She will be missed.

Like Bettie, I have had to learn through experience, how one can be; spiritual, strong, wise and sexy, and how to balance these occasionally conflicting concepts all at once. It hasn’t always been as easy as it might look for me. Difficulties have arisen from people’s misconceptions and lack of understanding.

Bettie’s two unsuccessful marriages, poverty and insanity from depression were all understandable. My career as a model and spokesperson has given me empathy with the difficulties that the 50’s sex symbol endured. The challenges and pressures that beauty can bring are many. The relationship issues that come with the territory haven’t changed much at all.

She and her three sisters were molested by their father well into their teenage years, and she was unwanted by her mother, due to jealousy. I think these are sufficient reasons to go nuts at some point. The trick is to learn from the negative episodes that life will bring you. To give and accept love free of guilt and shame is the goal.

Being a sexy, freaky, fantasy filled individual, does not make you a whore, or easy. Even the legendary Texas oil billionaire, aviation pioneer, and Hollywood movie mogul, Howard Hughes, attempted to influence miss Bettie, by means of the  “casting couch.” Like many since Bettie’s day, I’ve gone through the same thing. The business of modeling is based on the mantra that sex sells. This may be true, but it doesn’t have to come cheap.

I’m not  judging those who choose that route, we all have our own journey, and we must support each other without judgment. I just believe like Bettie that, my love and my body are solely for my significant other. My appearance may be used to promote commerce, but my body is a vessel for joy, pleasure, warmth and understanding. The closeness that the act of lovemaking should last long after the act is over. My touch is precious and it lingers.

Bettie’s legacy is instructive, and her life serves as an inspiration to me. I can only hope to be as courageous in the face of adversity as she was. Through the vehicle of communication, I will serve God’s will.  The hand of divinity was at work in my design. My God given gifts will allow me to strive to higher and higher heights.

I will be unfaltering in my desire to share the message that sex is love, love is beauty and that beauty is God’s wish for us all… Where ever you are right now I hope that you are feeling the inner stirrings of the truth that I speak and can accept the wisdom that I’m sharing. I will continue to walk my path, similar to the path that Bettie started down and that is lit by God. When I started this blog I stated we can grow together, are you coming?


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