GreGE x y factored success.

January 31, 2011

The “y” generation, “gets it” and expects, “it”. The “x” still …doubts from experience of, harder times and trend setting. In order to “be more” and “see more” jump into the Y with the wisdom of the X, thus equaling the xy factored success. GregeIAM Is there.   I party w/ the youth w/ the wisdom of my peers and ancestors. We gel into understanding and giving them respect. They know what they are here to do and will be successful. The way we can help them is to learn them as well. Thanks MOM of the W generation. Live Learn Grow Grege


December 26, 2016

Hi I am Grege, many have decided to use my name for their own benefit and gain. It is my name and my brand for over 30 years professionally.  In our country some things are to be respected and I believe that those that have tried to use the name w/o conscent will feel how I have felt during the process. They owe monetary compensation. Our great country will see that thru. I believe. 

I am GREGE. 

Helping Hands…Coach Grege

December 24, 2016

There was a woman who came to me in a time of need. My student Rebecca Beltran was ready to turn her life around we began intense artist coaching, beauty, photography and etiquette classes, Becky found God and her path. Thank you Steven Faretti for the introduction to be able to help a soul in need. 

Good luck in your career Rebecca Beltran you will make a great actress one day. 

Use your pictures, make up lessons, and acting techniques to be all you can going forward! 

Coach Grege Morris

Lord Heals Grege

April 9, 2016

Just incase you don’t know,the Lord heals.

He brings prosperity and healing in ones life when all is repented and surrendered to our Lord Jesus Christ.

God is our merciful God and when we release all control we see the favor and we see God working miracles in our lives. Yes, bad things happen to good people but it will turn around once you give testimony. giving testimony will break you free of all demonic war waged against you and yours.  So, I eagerly encourage you to tap into the power of God and trust our Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins blessing us with life everlasting.

Get to know your Lord, have faith and heal.

Love Grege


February 16, 2016

In life when we give to others our hearts soar…

We can give in many ways.

Music,art,talent and lending a helping hand.

For one should never judge another for the way in which their spirit is called to give.

Just be a good giver and even a better receiver of the gifts.

If you have a talent that is uniquly yours. Give that away and watch it soar even more!

I won’t change those that don’t have a giving heart.  I will continue to give of mine and maybe there will be enough left for more to share.

Live to give! there really is enough for us all.

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SuperMoon Grege

SuperMoon Grege

As I meditate on the moon and pray to Living God, I AM told we must love. We must share with our brothers and siters the wisdom we have and be kind to one another. We must aim to be one with all brothers and sisters near and far. We have many vistitors that we were once unable to communictae with but now are able to share stories from past and present.

We are entering a time where all that we once knew has become more of life experience.

…The New world.

This infinite energy that we are experiencing  will afford us endless possibilities in all we do.  We can live our dreams. We can live in abundance. We can experience a global life connection. We can even  heal through mind power and  spoken words and prayer. We can shift a nation  belief by merely coming together to end all war and famine.

Trust your Supermoon.  Trust the infinite meaning behind this great scientific,spiritual experience.  Trust the music and laughter  of your soul. Trust your guides and messengers. Trust the living universal voice that once spoke silently. Trust our Source G*d.

Enjoy the Supermonn and the power she spreads. She is here to open possibility for all Arians  and give approval to all the bold zodiac sign has to share.

Trust more and fear less. Be more and lack less.

Be BOLD. Be Bold and Be complete.

Take a chance and go within and share more with others as you recieve the love of the Supermonn.

Have NO FEAR!!!!!

Love Grege…and Grege(tm)

Love you skin! Grege

September 9, 2015

Do a mask.
The new thing in beauty is to do a mask.
One of my many model rituals is to mud myself with FANGO.
Not only have I been fortunate enough to work with Borghese as their National Make up artist and spokesperson, I too have been a valued customer.
Put some fun in your life and MUD your way to beauty!

Come see me live or book an appointment for a Grege Beauty Party, Make over and private lessons!
Contact Heaven : 9178643880

So, I did a makeover this week and shared another tip and trick from being a professional model.

The “puffy eyes” that my client had from radiation was rapidly removed by a combination of great products and the healing hands I believe I have now from the various testimonies that my clients share.

I sparingly used the facial cleanser “Crema Saponetta” from Borghese and then also used the eye pads they have called called, “Botanico”.

Once removed I added the Protectivo eye cream and Wahhhhlaaa!

Radiance and no more puff!

People always ask when I do private consultations what my professional opinion is. I use a miraid of tips and tricks and hope they help you as much as they ahve helped me.

Hugs Grege(tm)

Heal the skin with healing products.
IT is most important to preserve the skin your in.
I have found that Fango does the job and when used it make the best go to product that Eddie Murphy taught me about.
This is what the stars use and well I will keep you posted about this and others.

Hugs your model …tv host…Grege(tm)

Model 101 de puff eyes ...Grege

Model 101 de puff eyes …Grege

Never mind.
Remember the one who lies is the one who will pay the price for the lies told.
Be just.
Be clear.
Be true to self.
Decide what your purpose is and who they serve and why and then be honest and do not lie.
There is a code to live by.
The Bible is a book of Laws. The Lord is law. No matter what your religious belief is there is a book or something to follow and learn.
Trust that there is one law in all the books of the land.
yin and yang=you reap what your sow=do unto others as you would have them do to you=Karma=opposites attract=many other beliefs and notions.
My advice and prophecy is to be better and do your best. Forget the naysayers and go forth. I live by the code of life… Be free.
God bless and Universe hears.
Love Grege Maria Morris

April 5, 2015
Come Together
No Need to Wait
by Madisyn Taylor

In our world, there is always someone in need of our best efforts to rally a group of helpers and healers.

We humans have a knack for coming together and rising up to our potential in the face of a tragedy. Natural disasters and acts of violence bring us out of our small selves and into the world, ready to lend a hand to those in need. This experience is often life-changing for those who are willing to step into the position of helper. We feel as if we are finally doing something really important, and this leads us to feeling more self-actualized. We feel more connected to the people we are helping, as well as more connected to humanity in general. As we expand beyond the boundaries of our individualistic pursuit of happiness there can be a complete reality shift. We often find that it is much easier to be happy when we are motivated in an effort to make the world better in tangible ways, by coming to the rescue of those who are suffering.

Considering the many benefits of this kind of gesture, it is surprising that more of us don’t devote our lives, or at least some portion of our time, to serving people in need. We don’t have to wait for a tragedy to come together, as a community or a nation, and offer ourselves to the world in service. Sometimes it’s easier, of course, to respond to an event that has just happened rather than to ongoing problems like homelessness, poverty, and illness. But the truth of this world is that there is always someone in need of our best efforts to rally a group of helpers and healers. Maybe we feel discouraged because these smaller acts and gestures don’t generate the same kind of energy and attention from other people as heroic acts in the face of immediate disaster, and perhaps an effort to change this is one way to change the world.

The more we promote, applaud, and actively inspire humanitarian efforts in the world, the more others will be drawn to this kind of work. We might pay a little less attention to sports and celebrity gossip and a little more attention to those everyday heroes who devote their lives to alleviating suffering. The more attention we pay, the more we will inspire others and ourselves to be of service in a world that greatly needs our attention.


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